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What are the most common mistakes when writing your resume?

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Jeremy Wood on February 22, 2018

Most reviews of typical resumes point out errors and mistakes that can be grouped as: . Spelling Errors Spelling Errors Typographical Errors! . Bad English spelling and grammar (Manger for Manager) . Misuse of the words. Exaggerated and bombastic . Lies and over inflation of experience . All in the passive voice . A large amount of information that generates a so what response (I can the use of the Word) . To general a resume - should specify the skills the employer wants (yes this means a new or modified resume every time) . Too much - 2 pages of 11 pt type max . Religious and ethnic references . A bad copy of the curriculum vitae. Dirty Copy . Too Low . Bizarre format or colour scheme . Including your photo (Interviewer could be accused of discrimination) Many of these errors can be commented on by having a friend test it for mistakes you miss. A professional who has been involved with receiving resumes should also read it to determine what impression your resume would make if you were to receive. There are many resume help services in most cities, on line and in person. The problem is that many are stuck with bad resume formats that are one size fits all. Each resume you send should be tailored to the job you are trying to.

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