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What are the major highlights in California education news?

I am seeking for information on the paramount issues in California education news. I have not been keen on issues happening in the California education sector. I would like to get news about schools today. I really need the information immediately to be able to plan on schooling issues. Being uninformed on your children’s schooling is not good of a parent. Also, please let me know how I can access current issues education articles.

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 29, 2018

Many issues arise when it comes to news on education in California. I will dwell on the present issues. These include:

a) Student behavior: There is increasingly worrying behavior among school going children. Drug use, foul language and teenage sex are some of the vices our children are adopting lately. It is sickening for a parent to hear of truant behavior involving their child in the media. This is about a case where an elementary school pupil carried a loaded gun to school and brandished it to classmates.

b) Child poverty rate: The child poverty rate of students in California is the highest in the country. This implies that pupils from this state have fewer education resources. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) introduced a few years ago aims to address the inconsistency in student poverty and dismal academic performance.

c) Teacher shortage: The Learning Policy Institute predicts that the teacher shortage crisis will persist for some unspecified time. There are unsolved financial issues that result in a shortage of teaching staff especially in high poverty school districts.

d) Proposition 51: This bond aims to fund the set-up of K-12 schools and community colleges. Some issues might come up when floating of this bond due to political interference.

e) Education bills: Of late, there have been debates on the amending of teacher assessment and lengthening of the two-year teacher contract. Moreover, there have been issues on prohibiting online charter schools that work for profit.

f) Early education: Recently, California has seen an increase in the number of proponents of free or sponsored preschool to include the entire low-income pupils.

g) School vouchers: The issue of school vouchers has been on everyone’s mouth. There is a suggestion to have vouchers for private schools but as we all know, California has voted twice against private school voucher programs.

h) Special education: California residents are still waiting for a directive on the funding of special education schools. This is after the adoption of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which moved funding from regional organizations.

There is no major news on schools today. Therefore, I will move on swiftly onto your next query. To access current issue education articles, I recommend the following:

  • Go to a local library: Libraries are the best source of information related to education.
  • Access scholarly articles: Get articles on California education both online and in hard copy.
  • School publications

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I would like to add some more information on California education news. Recently, a number of issues affecting the sector have come up. Below are some of them:

Limited Personnel
California has a very low amount of teachers. This state has the highest student-to-teacher ratio (25:1). Therefore, pupils here tend to have limited resources since they have to share with a large number of students.

Poor Student Performance
When compared to students from other states, students from California tend to perform poorly. This has been an issue of great concern for parents here thus forcing them to seek appropriate remedies to this problem.

California has Low and Unreliable Funding Levels
The state of California lags behind when it comes to state funding of education. This is prominent at K-12 levels. This state has a very low spending per pupil. The spending per pupil here is $2000 lower than the national average.

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