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What are the major aspects of personality growth?

I am asking for information on the major facets of personality growth. Personal development is one of my resolutions. I want to grow my personality but I do not know what aspects I am supposed to focus on.

Recently, I came about personality development classes. I would really appreciate a deeper scoop on this subject. I am interested in knowing what these classes teach. Basically, the syllabus.

Additionally, I would appreciate a recommendation of the best self improvement websites.

Lastly, please provide information on how to identify the most appropriate personal development workshops.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 2, 2018

The following are the major aspects that are considered when growing personality:

Your spirit

This is a personality aspect that looks at the deeper role of your life. It includes believing in a higher power and understanding your higher energies.

People get more spiritually enriched through meditation and going to places of prayer e.g. churches, temples, synagogues etc.

Your creativity

It involves identifying and testing of your abilities. It looks at your innovativeness and your resolve of queries and situations.

Developing your talents and abilities is a sure way of personal growth.

Your relationships

This aspect of personal growth evaluates your relationship with your family, friends, workmates and strangers. Examining your relations to other people is a key step in addressing your personality. This is because your interactions with others provide an insight into the type of person you are.

Your career and money

In the course of personality development, both your attitude towards a career and your financial muscle will be considered. These are very useful indicators when determining personal happiness and fulfillment.

Your health

Health and fitness are an integral part of measuring personal growth. People seek to better their health by engaging in habits that promote the same such as dieting and exercise. Leading a healthy lifestyle is personal development goal that you should embrace.

Your property

In order for you to feel fully grown in terms of personality, the things you own are considered.

Possessions go a long way in making the fabric of an individual. Generally, people with a lot of property tend to be content with their lives when compared to those with less or no possessions.

Your community

This part of personal growth examines your plans when it comes to giving back to the global and local community.

The syllabus of a personality development class basically entails:

  • General Introduction to Personality Development
  • Theories and processes in Developing Personality
  • Stages of Personality Growth
  • Needs and personality
  • Fundamental Personality Aspects
  • Personality and Moral Development
  • Understanding your personality type

I think Pick the Brain is the best self-improvement website. I say this because it was created specifically for people who want to grow just like you. This website provides a very elaborate plan of self-improvement that centers on productivity, health, motivation, productivity and self-improvement.

The most appropriate personal development workshop is one that speaks to you and your needs. I recommend The Mastery Workshops for you.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I would like to point you to some other self-improvement websites that I think are excellent:

1. Zen Habits

This site provides solutions to those who want to overcome the hullabaloo that has engulfed their lives. It provides options that will ensure you are more productive and happy.

2. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha offers information on health, care for others, relationships and happiness.

3. Mark Manson

Mark Manson provides self-improvement advice and information through his blog. This blog is dedicated to fostering self-awareness, manners, happiness, and relations.

4. The Good Men Project

This is the go to blog when you are looking for answers to questions that no one else dares to address.


Like the name suggests, this site aims at ensuring you become successful in what you do.

6. Addicted 2 Success

This is a good self-improvement site that shows you how you can attain your goals.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

Anyone who desires to reach personality growth should first thrive to know his or her personality type. The road to success in personality cannot be described in a few words, hence knowing oneself is a process with many steps. Personality development classes are the perfect place to get such kind of help. With that help, one eventually gets to understand his flaws and learns how to deal with them, instead of hiding behind them.

There should be a strive for a perfect balance within an individual, and as a result, one gets to have good relations with everyone. 

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