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What are the main events of the IEW in the U.S.?

I’m going to take part in IEW this year and would like to know what events are planned for 2018. I hope there will be some interesting sessions and activities for this is my first year visiting the event. The International Education Week is famous for its worldwide exchange opportunities. Which of those student events would you advise? What do I definitely have to visit?

James Washington

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 25, 2018

This year, the International Week of Education will be just as grand as it’s been before. This is a combination of most education programs that give our students an opportunity to become a part of the international academic family.

Though it is still a long time before the event that will be held in November, I’ve heard of a few meeting I’d like to visit at Florida State University.

First of all, there is a “Going Global” meeting where we can see and hear about the experiences of Florida students abroad and the way the programs contribute to the internationalization. It will be held on November 13. The same day will feature us some films from the Middle East festival. While this may not be interesting to everybody, it will be followed by a reception where most participants and guests meet.

The education week 2018 events also feature us an activity that I wouldn’t miss in a world. This is an ancient Chinese tea ceremony Chanoyu. Tough this has nothing to do with academics, it is about learning other traditions and opening to foreign cultures. After all, this is an international event that celebrates the worldwide exchange of knowledge and customs.

Also, one of the biggest IEW’s events in FSU is going to be a lecture by Peter Ford. Though the meeting is not set in stone yet, I do hope this correspondent from Paris visits the place with the planned speech.

Besides, I’m sure there are other establishments holding even more events. Some of them may be even more interesting. All schools and universities are free to take part in the international week 2018 and come up with their own student event to gather those whole are passionate about international education.

The official website of IEW holds all promotional materials that may be used by schools and organizations taking part in the celebrations. They include various logos, bookmarks, posters, and so on.

There are also links to some social media news and pages where you can find even more mentions of the activities. Here is the link: 

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I heard that the meeting with Peter Ford had been canceled. Though nothing is clear as of yet and it is still mentioned in the official schedule of the University’s IEW events. So, we should still hope that the meeting takes place after all.
I respect your choice of an establishment to visit at the upcoming week. However, I find that many other places offer even better activities. Have you searched all other student events and can be sure that the ones you’ve chosen are the best?  

Brian Warner2 years ago

Yes, you should definitely visit those social networks if you want to become an active part of IEW. There are many news and announcements that may help you find exactly what you are looking for. I suppose the author of the question is a freshman considering their inexperience. So, I suggest asking their alma-mater for the updates on the events instead. While FSU may hold interesting international education week activities, it is better to start with what you know the most. Yet, I admit that the traditional Chinese tea ceremony sounds awesome. Besides, it is always great to learn something new about faraway cultures.

As for me, I’m looking forward to what the Association of International Educators has to offer. After all, they should be the most involved in the event considering their purpose. 

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