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What are the letters of the Greek alphebet?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on March 16, 2019

there are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Here is a complete list : Uppercase/Lowercase Greek spelling of the pronunciation of English Α,α ׆Î"φα alpha Β,Î2 × 'ήτα beta-Γ,Î3 ΓÎμα range Δ,ΠΔÎÎ"τα delta Ε,ε ΈψÎ1Î"ον epsilon Ζ, ×, And × – × ®Ï„α zeta Η,η Ήτα eta Î,Î Îήτα theta î™, Î1 ΓÎ1ώτα iota Κ,κ ΚÎπα kapa Λ,Î" ΛÎμÎα lamda Îœ,μ ÎœÎ1 I Ν,ν ΝÎ1 ne Ξ,ξ ΞÎ1 xe Ο,ο ΌμÎ1κρον omicron Î ,π Î Î1 pe Ρ,ρ Ρο ro Σ,σ,ς * ΣÎÎ3μα sigma Î Ï,Ï 'ΤÎÏ... taf Î¥,Ï... ΎπσÎ1Î"ον ipsilon Φ,φ ΦÎ1 phe Χ,χ ΧÎ1 him Î,ψ ÎÎ1 pse Ω,ω ΩμÎÎ3α omega *the third character is used only when a word ends with sigma and is pronounced :sigma teliko (ending sigma)

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