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What are the landforms?

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Melissa Norris on November 8, 2019

Here are the types of shapes of the relief: •Aeolian: desert, dry lake, dune, sandhill, tundra •Artificial: artificial island, artificial lake, artificial reef, building, bridge, canal (man-made channel), dam, dike, ditch, polder, quarry, reclaimed land, road, tunnel, •Continental Plain: plains, tundra, ice sheet •Fluvial: alluvial fan, beach, the canyon, channel, cave, cliff, river delta, floodplain, levee, oasis, swamp, pond •Ice age: arête, cirque, esker, fjord, glacier, tunnel, valley •Mountain ranges: mountain, mountain range, plateau, hill, valley •Oceanic and Coastal: atoll, bay, channel, coast, continental shelf, coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, mid-ocean ridge, oceanic trench, peninsula, isthmus, islands, seamounts •River: river, lake, meander, waterfall, rapids, river valley •Volcanic: caldera, crater lake, geyser, lava field, lava plateau, volcanic crater, volcano, plug, wall rock, lava dome, submarine volcano (guyot)

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