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What are the internationally accredited universities?

William Cain

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on May 7, 2018

There is No such thing as "international accreditation". What you need to pay attention to is the accreditation / university recognition rules for each individual, a nation whose universities that you are considering. You also want to pay attention to things such as the reputation of a uni within their country of origin, and - if you are going to work outside the country overseas. So, as an example, in the united states, the most important type of accreditation you want in any university that we are seeing is "regional accreditation". That is the minimum standard. If you want the degree to be recognized by employers and other universities, your uni needs to be regionally accredited. There are world university rankings tables. The Times of London makes a good one, and there are many others. This type of rankings lists may help the evaluation of the international reputation of a program. In addition, within countries, often there are classification tables. The US News and World report have one for the united states, for example; while MacLeans makes one for Canada.

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