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What are the instruments of national power?

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on December 16, 2018

The phrase instruments of national power refers to the tools a country uses to influence other countries or international organizations (like the UN), or even non-state actors (like Al-Qaeda, the PLO, or even Green Peace). In the American perspective, the instruments of national power are: 1) Diplomacy 2) 3) Military 4) Economic Recent discussions attempt to expand these four to include: a) Financial (closely related to Economic) b) Intelligence (a combination of national and military intelligence) c) Law Enforcement (as in standards, practices, and skills) of The united States National Security Strategy (NSS) it is a mandate by Congress and is the primary document that explains how the President plans for the use of the instruments of power to achieve National Security objectives. President Obama's most recent NSS (May 2010) is available through the Web site of the White House: national _ security _ strategy.the pdf is The US instruments of power are tremendous because of the magnitude of the capacity of this country in each of these areas. Our democracy is stable and our diplomats are known for their integrity and experience. Our freedom of the press and the public access to each branch of government provides uncensored information on American intent and objectives. Our military is known for his power, honor, and global reach. Finally, our economy is strong and we quickly give foreign aid to countries that need it. Together these instruments of power form a unique blend of carrots and sticks to influence other international actors.

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