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What are the highlights of the 2018 Summerfest Milwaukee event?

I’m patiently waiting for the Milwaukee fest that will be held this year. This is my first time visiting it and I have waited for such an opportunity for so long. Summerfest Milwaukee is one of those grand music festivals that everybody wants to attend. I’ve heard that the Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee location will show us some good stuff this year. However, I don’t know what exactly to expect. What other Summerfest grounds Milwaukee has to offer us? What should I pay attention to? Are you going to visit the specific stages or just leave it all to chance?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 14, 2018

Well, I do not think this year will be more awesome for Milwaukee Summerfest than the previous one. Last year, the event celebrates its 50th anniversary. So, it went all out to make a show that would be remembered for years. However, 2018 will bring us many interesting performances as well. This year, we will such awesome artists as Imagine Dragons, Kesha, The Weeknd, and so on. So, it is really worth your time and money. I wish you would have chosen Summerfest 2017 for your first visit, but you will get an amazing experience this year as well. I’m sure that the headliners will show you what a high-quality music festival really is.

So, this year’s lineup includes many talented musicians of various styles and genres. It would take me days to describe how awesome each one of them is, so, I will give you a link to the official lineup for you to see the full list of them - I don’t really understand in what order they are presented. Maybe, they go down judging by popularity. Maybe, they are just shown randomly. For me, there are a few bands at the bottom of the list that I would like to hear more than those that come at the beginning. In addition, there is a completely another separate lineup of additional artists who are less popular and, probably, will fill out the spaces between Summerfest headliners. Also, there is a search tool on the page where you can write a name of an artist you are looking for or choose a certain stage to see where you should go. It is easy to use and is undoubtedly necessary for a huge list like this. I believe that there are more than a hundred of names on this webpage.

Among the most interesting to see at the Milwaukee festival this year are also some comedians. Yes, I believe that singers are not the only entertainment worth your attention there. It is up to you to choose what to listen to, but I suggest you pay attention to at least some comedy performances to make your first time at the fest more diverse.

Also, you should really pay attention to Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee this year. This is the main location for the most notable bands to perform. Do not miss any of its performance no matter what. Though Milwaukee Summerfest grounds are really huge, you can decide to stay in one place and enjoy what you have there if you have no energy to run around. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

Though Milwaukee Marcus Amphitheater may be considered the main stage with the best artists, I’m waiting for other locations as well. There are so many stages to look forward to that you cannot say that staying in one place for the whole festival is the best idea, especially for a newbie who hasn’t seen a fest of this scale. Besides, just look at its duration. There are enough days to visit all those places for a couple of times each. Personally, I’m going to find a detailed schedule of the whole even and run from one to another to hear all those amazing singers and bands that I like the most (plus a few other artists to enrich my tastes.) 

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