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What are the guidelines on how to motivate yourself?

I have a job at a good company, my problem is I sometimes feel unmotivated to perform my duties despite being highly competent to do so. I need motivation in order to do my job and advice from any individual who is familiar with this experience. I need possible reasons or causes as to why do I have no motivation. I also need to know where I could find unmotivation pictures to identify with the behaviour I portray. Are there ways where you could find a solution to this and learn how to motivate yourself?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 19, 2018

I was recently awarded for best performance at my work place even though when I began working there a few years ago I was among the least motivated people in the office. I however took initiative and admitted my mistake and began finding a solution to my problem. At first I went through a quick search to determine if I had signs of an individual lacking motivation. On the internet I found several pictures of unmotivated people and how they behaved in the work place. Once I identified with those images I found out that the reason as to why I lacked motivation was different from other people.

The reasons as to why people lack motivation varies from one individual to another depending on factors like individual character, the environment and even the type of task. However the problem is easily solvable; by employing the following tips you could easily be capable of motivating yourself:

  • Set goals
    Ensure you set goals and use them as a guide to attaining your progress. Using the goals you monitor yourself whether your performance is sufficient for reaching your objectives or not.
  • Publicize your goal
    By letting someone know your goal, you will feel entitled to meet your goals. Telling someone like a college or immediate superior you will be held to your word to commit to your set goals. This will act as the motivation you need to working towards your goal
  • Set goals within your interest
    Set your goals carefully; ensure that the goals are set with in your areas of interest. Working within the limitations of your interest will motivate you to completing the task since it is something you like doing
  • Plot your progress
    Keep track of your performance to see if you are working towards the goal or moving further away. If you are lagging behind you will be motivated to work towards it and if you are closer you can create a representation of the positive strides you are making.
  • Break your goals. You could simplify your task into smaller tasks to bigger tasks. By starting working through the easier challenges you will save time and also find it easier to transition into more challenging tasks.
  • Reward yourself. Before beginning a task promise yourself a treat after you complete it successfully. The anticipation of a treat after your task will motivate you to complete the task well and in time.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I have dealt with cases where employees are unmotivated to do their jobs. I agree that the issue could be dealt with using some tips to counter the problem. The reasons as to why you have no motivation could be identified with the body language, depression, procrastination, sitting posture and even the performance of tasks. If you are also working towards pleasing people instead of attaining your goal you could easily become unmotivated. Therefore you should ensure that you do not overwhelm yourself in trying to please people but maintain balance with your needs. Also try concentrating with on that are pleasant for you to work on and try to be content with things as they are. At times when you are always dissatisfied with things you cannot change you can end up becoming depressed and thus unmotivated.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I only agree with two tips above: breaking a task into small activities and rewarding yourself. The others are too theoretical, and a reader may even lose interest in reading all of them. I will share an additional two practical ways of how to motivate yourself. To start with, make friends in the workplace. Have colleagues who you can hang out with out of the workplace. This way, work becomes more fun. If you are thinking, “I need motivation” to start a task that you find difficult, the best way to handle it is to jump into it. Don't think about how frustrating it is, just do it!

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