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What are the good ways to study math?

There’s just this subject that has to pull my performance down no matter what I do. I have tried almost all study skills tips to raise my math score from 60%, but the highest I ever got was a 70%. That’s still not enough for me. What do I do to pull this score up? I am also interested in pursuing a mathematics major, but at this rate, I don’t think that will be an option. Any good ways to study math? What are the best study strategies for college students who major in math?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 30, 2018

I was ghastly at math in secondary school (basically Cs and a fortunate B once in a while). Even the least complex of ideas appeared to be greatly dynamic. When I understood that the profession I needed to do vigorously included mathematics, I realized that needed to change. So, I implemented college study strategies for math. I used the following study skill tips and aced it. Before the end of my first year of school, I did practically every task in the course book. When the test day would come, I had already seen each type of question somebody could give me.

Studying and "learning" math are somewhat different. In the first place, you need to "take in" the math by understanding the concept. Don’t struggle to memorize the procedures. This is counter-productive. It's more rewarding to understand the process and the logic behind it, so that you are able to tackle such problems in the future. Keep in mind that maths is a successive subject, so it's essential to have a firm comprehension of the key ideas that support a scientific point before proceeding onward to take a shot at other, more unpredictable arrangements which depend on understanding the fundamentals. Utilize khan academy, class lectures, and course reading.

Studying a new topic in math is dependably another challenge. It involves more than just looking at the formulas. You will struggle, and it will take hard work to improve in math. Yet, the more questions you solve, the better you become at it. So, start with the easy part, usually the introduction - make sure you lay a basis for your work.

I may likewise suggest investigating your resources more. YouTube has worked wonders in clearing my comprehension on the immeasurably complex material. If you can just browse the internet, you will get the right material similar to what you what struggling with. You can learn how to study math easily with so many resources at your disposal.

Memorize Formulas - Cant remember them? Write the formula on a clean sheet of paper. Then, keep that sheet of paper before at whatever point you are doing the math. In a brief span, a photo of that sheet will be made in your psyche, and you will have the capacity to tackle the issue with a superior comprehension.

Never Cram-Never cram the appropriate responses or formulas. You will recollect it for a brief span and after that again will overlook what you have packed. So it’s better to do things completely.

Larry Warren2 years ago

Those were awesome study skill tips up there. Along these lines, simply read the book, do the questions. Do some work every night as opposed to attempting to cram every last bit of it the night prior to a test. When you don't comprehend something, request help immediately rather than holding up till the day preceding the test to acknowledge you can't make sense of something and having no chance to ask the instructor or a schoolmate about it. It’s for the most part about investing the effort every day, every week, at that point evaluating before the test.

I think it works since you're going at your own pace and constraining yourself to study the material you are trying to learn. Furthermore, a great deal of these procedures are streamlined to spare you time and to put your energy to great use. I would prefer truly not to get into a major
discourse about it! Essentially, these methods make it truly simple for me to begin studying and to comprehend the substance when I need to.

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