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What are the general direction for first aid?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on March 21, 2019

1. To keep the patient alive. . The Control of bleeding. . Maintain the airway and breathing . Keep the heart function. . Treat for shock 2. Stabilize . Assess the patient overall (not just the traumas). Check for medic alerts . Registration of vital signs, alertness, complaints. . In Hazmat, secure scene and access control. . Stabilize the victim's splints, et al. . Move victim to litter if necessary -- C Collar if required. . Address patient's comfort needs. 3. Transport. . Develop a transport plan (e.g. get destination and route). . If it is necessary, and possible Evac. . Report that you're mobile, and ETA. . If you're not in radio contact, set up communications with base to let them know your situation, intent, concerns and ETA. 4. Of the delivery . Stay with the patient until you sign them off to someone who is going to take responsibility. . Report patient's original condition, current condition, meds before, meds en route and meds now . If necessary, contact the patient's family (may not be your responsibility, depending). . Clean and safe

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