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What are the functions of the external and internal organs of the Amphioxus?

Kyle Mckinney

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Timothy Norman on February 16, 2018

Functions of the following: 1. oral hood-serves as entrance and storage of food 2. hallway - IDK 3. buccal cirri - act as devices sensory; filters and screens particles too large to be consumed 4. atriopore - serves as exit passage of water 5. the notochord - protects and support the dorsal nerve cord; serves as the major skeletal support throughout life 6. ocelli - act as simple eyes to detect light 7. veil of work of the valve and filter; surrounds the mouth 8. velar tentacles - prevent undesirable objects from entering the digestive cavity 9. the pharynx gills in the form of a slit filter particles of food from water that passes 10. wheel organ - draws food through the use of its cilia for digestion

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