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What are the factors I should consider before enrolling in a doctorate degree program?

I have a master’s degree in computer science and I’m thinking about enrolling in a doctorate degree program in one of the fields of computer science. However, I am not aware of the requirements that I must first meet before enrolling in a degree program. Furthermore, I have always heard that PhD programs have a lot of prerequisite courses and work experience that I might not have acquired at the moment. Could someone help me please to get the gist of what is required before I can enroll in this doctoral course?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on April 2, 2018

Since the doctoral degree program is the most advanced area of study you can pursue, it has a number of prerequisite courses and units you must first satisfy before you can enroll in it. This is because such degree programs require the mastery of a specific area of study. In your case, you must have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in computer science. To add to this requirements, there are competency levels that you must demonstrate before you are admitted. Such competency requirements are put in place to ensure that all the admitted students have the required undergraduate background for the program of study. These competency requirements include the provision of an undergraduate coursework and passing the coursework of the final undergraduate coursework to establish that you are up to the task with the program of study.

Moreover, you also ought to understand that a doctorate degree will not be as general as a bachelor’s degree hence you will be dealing with a narrow field of specialization of computer science. These fields of study include

  • bioinformatics
  • algorithms and complexity
  • artificial intelligence
  • systems and networking
  • databases and information management
  • embedded systems and software
  • computer architecture and compilers
  • computer graphics and computer vision
  • programming systems
  • security and cryptography
  • human-computer interaction
  • high-performance computing
  • ubiquitous computing
  • software engineering
  • VLSI/CAD (computer-aided design)

Doctorate programs also require a vast amount of research and articulation. Consequently, you will have a lot of research work to conduct. In fact, to earn the award, you will need to thoroughly research the topic of study and conduct new research and analysis to provide a new solution or interpretation to the topic of study or field of study. This places you in a privileged position for landing a top job in your organization because of your high qualifications. Moreover, the completion of this program and the award of a certificate is a lifelong personal goal that you should not let slip out of your hand should you have the right qualifications and environment.

Therefore, the main factors to consider before enrolling in the PhD doctoral program is whether you have the right competencies, educational background and maybe the type of institution you intended to study in. You can also get a comprehensive list of the doctoral degree programs from the link Therefore, if you need more information on this subject, you may visit the page above.

Brian Warner2 years ago

While I basically agree with almost everything that has been said above, I find the notion that PhD doctoral programs take three years absurd since the program usually takes 90 to 120-semester credits. The length and credits of the doctorate program will vary according to the institution. Moreover, some will require a thesis whereas others will need a one-year internship.

To add on, I also feel that it’s important for you to note that most of the programs will offer financial aid ranging from PhD assistantships to PhD scholarships. However, these are availed according to the course of study.

Lastly, before you consider which PhD degree program to pursue you need to take note of the following factors.

  • Is the program in line with your dreams
  • How the program will help you advance your career

With these, I believe that you are set to pursue and excel in your academic endeavors.


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