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What are the duties of a computer tutor?

I am considering having a computer tutor attend to my child. Where can I find a reliable tutor and how much are they paid?  What is the difference between attending a normal computer class and having a private tutor attend to him? Is a computer tutor able to adjust his time to fit into my schedule? What are the average private tutor rates so that I am not exploited while looking for? If my computer develops a fault, will he be able to repair it or do I have to incur extra expenditure? Will he meet the expectations of the tutor needed and most of all is he patient enough to deal with a slow learner?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Derrick Little on March 2, 2018

The computer being a technical subject may require a one on one relationship with the student especially those who take time to understand things. This is the reason why some parents may prefer to have a private computer teacher take her child through the computer lessons on a personal level.

A good computer tutor must:

  • Have an understanding of how to plan a private computer tutorial.
  • Possess good knowledge of computer as an electronic gadget and know how to operate it.
  • Must have good communication skills to be able to deliver the lessons.
  • One with a good reputation.

It is not students alone who require personal trainers to take them through computer lessons. An adult who has general knowledge in computers may require assistance in a certain field, or one may buy a new computer that may be different from the one he was using. Then a private tutor will step in to offer the necessary technical help.

With the digital world, it is possible to access the needed tutor online.

Computer gurus are all over the net and they are just a click of a button away. One only needs to surf the internet and find the one that meets the criteria you are looking for, including private tutor rate, and you are good to go. Once you agree to the terms of service including payment, the tutor will show you practically whatever you want to know.

Private tutors charge differently as there are no regulations to control that. The price charged is negotiated and agreed upon by the parties concerned.

The greatest advantage of having a computer tutor attend to you on a personal level is that you will be able to ask questions regarding even the smallest detail and it will be answered to your satisfaction.

Private computer lessons also prevent children from engaging in bad company to commit evil. Instead the time is well spent to achieve a noble goal.

Parents need to be careful however that they will not take up the play time for the child to arrange for a private computer lesson. Instead of the child understanding better what he is being taught, he will develop resentment for the tutor, the computer and the parent as well.  Organize the time well so that the student will enjoy and fully grasp what is being taught.

A private computer tutor is the best solution for a slow learning child who needs special attention. He will relate to him not just as a teacher in a classroom setup but a friend.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

To add to what has been said, private computer lessons are an extra burden to parents and the charges are normally high. A child who has no problem in understanding what is taught in a normal class do not need a computer tutor. Remember the extra computer class also comes with extra homework and this is an extra burden to the child. Instead of the child improving through the help of a private tutor, his grades will start getting worse as a result of overworking his brain unnecessarily. Let us as parents make wise choices when it comes to the lives of our children. Give them time and with a little encouragement, they will be better tomorrow. Computer lessons are a must for one to survive in this digital world. Adults as well need to reduce over-reliance on cyber attendants every time they wish to conduct any business online by learning how to use a computer. Just look for a tutor who will take you through the course at your convenient time and location.

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