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What are the disadvantages of taking an online masters program?

I am contemplating taking an online masters course since I have a busy schedule and I can’t afford to attend classes. I majored in math in my bachelor’s, so a higher online math degree could be okay. Kindly explain to me the disadvantages of taking an online degree. Are the demerits the same for all courses. If not, could an online economics degree be better? I will appreciate all responses to this post. I don’t want to commit to a program before being sure about the risks. Thanks in advance.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 14, 2018

Online master’s courses may need more time than classes attended on-campus. A student spends more time working on assignments and studying in an online course than in a traditional on-campus program. Since your online math’s degree will be text-based, communicating with your classmates or instructor will require typing messages and posting responses. You can’t type as much as you can speak thus communication may not be as effective as you would want it to be. In the same way, reading lecture material may not be as effective as when you listened to a lecturer in class. Although, one tends to zone out for some time when in a lecture when reading or listening to a recorded lecture, you will tend to rewind again and again. This going back over notes wastes even more time than zoning out in a lecture. While you might learn a lot from an online program, it requires a lot of effort to accomplish course objectives.

Secondly, with an online program, comes procrastination. There is a lot of flexibility in an online course as compared to on-campus programs. There’s no one to remind you to go to class. Besides, the material is always available for you to download when you feel like it. Due to this flexibility, you find yourself being behind schedule. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online economics’ degree or your math course. This procrastination will happen to a student in whichever degree course. It is more likely that an on-campus student will stay on top of their coursework. For online students, however, there’s no lecturer or friend to remind you it’s a week to the exam or your assignment is almost due. Most students, therefore, find themselves hurrying the last minute. No one will plead with you to mind your grade point average. In a traditional course program, there’s a learning atmosphere and a motivation for learning from your classmates and study buddies.

From the above, it is clear that time management and discipline is necessary for one to do well in an online course. If you fail to plan your time properly, you will find yourself with loads of coursework to cover, numerous assignments to submit, and exams to prepare for. A study schedule will come in handy. You will require to have a study timetable and follow it at all time unless there’s an event that happens during your study session. 

Ronald Millera year ago

True. I, however, need to add some demerits of taking an online program. These courses may bring a sense of isolation to the learner. No one can hear you say a concept is tough. It is terrifying to be alone with your PC. There is no teacher commanding presence or asking if all is clear. It obviously will take some time to get used to this type of atmosphere. This problem can impede your learning. Therefore, I advise that you consider this issue before taking an online course. It is true that programs on the internet are flexible and they give you the coveted freedom by many students and employees, but not being in control of this freedom can make you lose focus in your online master's course. It is wise to consider these problems and find a way of handling them before you start an online degree program. 

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