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What are the disadvantages of having K12 system of education here in the Philippines?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Justin Parker on December 28, 2018

Actually, this K12 is good but in some situations I do not agree. The Filipinos do not come in the same family. Remember that we have three families of classes. The first class families readily agreed because despite the additional skills and knowledge to be taught to their children, they have the money and other resources to spend. Poor families surely cannot afford to even if we take into account the fact that they are enrolled in the public schools. In allowance, living expenses and their basic needs are the things that a poor child is taking into account. A poor child who is willing to finish their study as soon as possible to help in the daily needs of the family, then here comes the K12 program. I think this is not fair. The poor are affected in here. Even if we say that it can work after graduating in high school, but it is 100% that everything is going to apply the skills they have learned? No. And it is a guarantee that everything is going to be employed in government offices if they are only high school graduates? No. Because surely many of them are going to sacrifice to go to the university to attain a degree have more opportunities to apply as an employee of the government. But that K12 makes it difficult to graduate as soon as possible. But since K12 is already effective in this school year, I would rather suggest that they are going to give you more teaching tools to use, improve the ventilation and facilities, build more buildings like that here in the provinces that are more than 60 people in a room that is so crowdy, hire more competent teachers if you are aiming for the global competition. And provide more jobs here in the Phils so that, after graduation, didn't go to other countries and spread their knowledge instead of here. Create more jobs for which most likely it will be to motivate the students covered in the K12 program.

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