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What are the different programs through which I can learn French online?

I hear French is the language of romance and a language spoken by many in Africa, south Africa, Europe and North America. I don’t want to be left out as others learn French online. Which websites offer online distance learning courses? I need to enrol with a website that will offer beginner and advanced French sessions as well. It can also be a university that offers French courses among its online uni courses. Therefore, kindly provide me with a reputable website or institution that offers French among its online courses.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on February 26, 2018

With Alison, people from all walks of life can learn the French language online and get basic or advanced language skills. Free Alison French courses consist of introductory phase modules whose objectives are to teach basic grammar & vocabulary and advanced level modules on topics such as holidays, media and school. French course programs at Alison are designed to suit those who don’t know a single word in French and those trying to build on the knowledge that they already have. Students get to learn vocabulary in the French language and also master essential grammar areas that can serve to better their understanding of the language and ability to effectively communicate with those whose first language is French. French courses at Alison provide students with knowledge and skills for those looking forward to visiting a country that uses French as the official language as well as those aiming at gaining skills for their work place or for school admission purposes.

Established by one of the greatest TV channels, TV5 monde is a great site even for those who have already understood the language basics. With beginner to advanced levels, the site offers vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation through pictures and video presentation. The videos also provide the learner with francophone culture that has been categorized according to the student’s knowledge level.

Prononciateur FLE offers online distance training courses for all your level needs through listening & letter, phrases and word pronunciation. The site analyses how you pronounce the sample words and letters to provide you with a report of errors made and chances to correct them.

At babbel, you get to choose among various courses of French based on your interest and language level. You choose and allow babbel to guide you through pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. With the beginner’s course, you are easily introduced to the language. If you have some knowledge, your basic knowledge is consolidated with the beginner’s program. With step by step following of the program, one is able to quickly understand the essential ideas. For those that have some foundation in the language, the intermediate courses serve to refresh and better one’s skills. Here, one practices thorough speaking, reading, listening and putting sentences on paper at a language learning level that is pre – intermediate. One gets to practice French grammar in simple steps at both advanced and beginner levels. You also learn tenses, pronouns, verb conjugation using concrete examples and completion of exercises.

I have only looked at websites that are good at training French online. I don’t know of French courses offered by online university courses.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

Great websites. I will however recommend The Open University as an online distance learning courses uni. Open university is a public university known as a research and a distant learning institution and one of the greatest undergraduate education universities in the United Kingdom. The Open University makes great use of grammar tutorials. According to the institution, when learning French, grammar is quite essential. The study of vocabulary alone cannot give the learner knowledge in the usage of words when communicating with peers. By studying rules of grammar through the utilization of tutorials, the learner can begin gaining confidence when using the language. The institution also takes the French dictionary as a valuable tool for French leaners and this is why they have an online database dictionary that assists learners grasp vocabularies and the language. French to English dictionaries are as important as French to French dictionaries and are, therefore, provided online.

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