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What are the different applications of computers nowadays?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on May 9, 2019

1. Personal and general tasks. This includes spreadsheets, databases, word processing, e-mail and web browsing. 2. Entertainment, games and media. Media applications take more computer for general tasks, and fast-paced games and first person shooter games are even more demanding. 3. The creation of media. That include making films and editing music. 4. Research. While you can include general computing tasks, it could also include heavy research activities such as the use of specialized software automated non-stop to crunch the numbers, make formulas, to perform measurements in real time, and create large amounts of data. 5. Servers. These are the computers on which the web and other network traffic to other computers. 6. Specialized uses. Ordinary computers to control industrial equipment or handle retail sales with the software and peripherals. 7. Theatricality. Computers can set lighting control and lighting fireworks, making the heavy of the animation and rendering of images, and more. 8. Surveillance and forensic analysis. The equipment can be used for the security of the store. More sophisticated systems can be used for the application of the law, face recognition and crowd control (such as helping to maintain banned to customers and cheats out of the casinos). The teams can constantly crawl the web to find the crime and dangerous conditions. 9. Public health and safety. The existing infrastructure, as the search engines can be used to alert officials of potential epidemics. Google and probably other sites, keep statistics and limited demographics in the searches. So if many people in a number of cities in a particular state, are seeking the same health symptoms, the CDC, and other agencies could start to investigate and participate before of what is happening around you it gets much worse. The federal analyze other types of searches, such as patterns of terms associated with terrorist activities.

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