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What are the current roles of the board of education in New York City?

I need information on New York districts’ board of education to build on my current research that focuses on education progress in the United States. I have compiled some information regarding NYC public schools and I need someone who is well experienced in systems of education within the state of New York to enlighten me further. Also, I need to know where else I can go to validate school district map information. I have seen children take long bus rides to school every morning, despite there being schools in the neighborhood that are said to be in different districts. I wonder who makes decisions regarding school boundaries and which districts they should be in.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 11, 2018

Hi. It is great to hear that you are researching on American educational milestones. There is significant information that you should know regarding the education board in the City of New York. First of all, these are the entities charged with policy-making and reformation in the department of education. These boards are supposed to work collaboratively with educators, parents, external stakeholders and school communities, to enhance student success and ensure that all children graduate from high school ready for college, career life, and their future as productive adults. The education boards are further charged with finding vital information about student population and schools including attendance rates, school performance rates and demographics.

Worth noting in your research is the ‘Strong Schools, Strong Communities’ initiative. This is a scheme devised by the New York Education Board targeted at lifting up the entire system of public schools in NYC to support each and every student. This scheme leverages strong partnerships between students, parents, school leaders, communities and teachers, and comprehensive initiatives for learning institutions.

The department of education should find ways to infuse technology in everything that students do. As a parent, I’ve participated in helping my two kids learn how to use educational computer applications to revise and complete their assignments. This has been one of the key responsibilities of the NYC education board. To me, the inclusion of technology in our children’s education has been not just a nice-to-have or an add-on, but the enabler and driver of the way our kids should live and work in the 21st century.

In regard to the question on school districts maps, there is a lot of information you can include in your research paper. First of all, boundary maps can be accessed via the NYC schools website or through public libraries. Pursuant to New York statutes, learning centers attendance areas are often recommended by the Superintendent and certified by the School Board on a yearly basis as situations warrant. You should use the district’s School Locator to establish why and where schools are located as well as their specific addresses. You can also print maps showing general school boundary information.

I understand you are concerned why a child may leave school around his/her neighborhood to study far away. School districts use attendance zones to assign children to schools. Generally, children must attend the school districts in which they reside.

Eric Batesa year ago

The above description regarding board of education and its place in transforming learning is outstanding. The roles of the board are well laid out. Personally, I have schooled around New York City and I have come to appreciate what the department of education has achieved. Libraries and learning centers have been fixed with high-speed internet and students can freely use the internet to learn and work out assignments. Policies and regulations are streamlined well. You probably also want to know when and how district school boundary meetings are held as well as the demarcation of school attendance zones. Usually, this information is available in the respective school districts.

Normally, school districts determine transfer agreements to admit each others' students. Just note that transfer arrangements may arise from wealth-sharing arrangements. On the other hand, note most school district boundaries were drawn several years ago and as such, newer subdivisions or housing developments may have been inconveniently divided among multiple school districts. It is possible for residents to petition for detachment from one district and get attached to another.

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