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What are the current issues in education?

This semester, I am taking contemporary education issues as one of my core units. Last week, our professor gave us homework on the current issues in education. For me to handle this assignment effectively and score well, I have to discuss these contemporary issues versus education importance to the current generation. Can someone help me find what the recent articles on education say? Also, I would appreciate if you could go an extra mile to highlight what US news education says about such issues? I urgently need help with this. So I will greatly appreciate whoever can help me out.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 19, 2018

Today, education stakeholders and communities are faced with a number of issues and controversies. Among the current issues in the education sector is mainstreaming, public versus private schooling, discipline and security; and race, ethnicity, and equality. Let me start with mainstreaming. Mainstreaming usually understood as the practice of placing emotionally, physically or mentally challenged learners in a normal class instead of taking them to a special education class. Up to date, educators continue to debate the challenges and benefits of mainstreaming. Generally, mainstreaming seems to work best for learners who can keep pace with their normal counterparts. On the other hand, the practice is less effective for students with severe challenges. Therefore, experts recommend that each case is handled independently. When it comes to public versus private education, the discussion gets skewed towards public education. Therefore, the aim and importance of education become core in such circumstances. This is why the effects of homeschooling and private education cannot be ignored among the
American community. Many parents who are afraid of the rising violence in schools or who are not satisfied with the quality of public education take their children to private institutions. Parents who want specific religious or personal values inculcated into their kids prefer parochial and private schools too. Nevertheless, studies show that private schools offer better quality. Hence their students outshine those from public schools.

Thirdly, with the increasing cases of violence in the society and schools, educators have to take charge and address this issue permanently. In the recent past, school shootings have occurred even in the small towns such as Kentucky and Oregon. The US news on education highlight that children as young as kindergarten come to school with guns. Regarding this, school reactions have been decisive. Parents, teachers, and administrators feel that this infringement of the civil right is slight, based on the current security situation. Some institutions require their students to wear identifications all the time, whenever they are in the school compound. Other schools have turned to metal detectors.

Finally, the issue of equality, race, and ethnicity came into education as part of the civil rights movement. This was through a report generated by a sociologist named James Coleman. In his report, Coleman points out that family background, social class and family attitude towards education are key predictors of student’s performance. His report further points out that school facilities, curriculum, and funding play small roles. Recent education articles point out that bilingual education also tends to equalize education for minority learners, by providing them with an opportunity which was unavailable.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I am of a contrary opinion. First, these measures are not enough to stop this menace. The society needs not to legalize the carrying of weapons by children. The society should instead address the underlying issue that makes students carry weapons to school. There are better ways that can
complement metal detectors. For instance, schools need to integrate anger management and conflict resolution lessons in the school curriculum and make it core. Students with emotional issues can as well be helped through guidance and counseling in school. Thirdly, class teachers should also hold open forums for students to air out their grievances and resolve any conflicts. Finally, school uniforms also come handy in reducing violence in schools. Recent articles on education state that gangs usually identify each other by wearing certain clothes colors and by wearing clothes in a certain way. Requiring students to wear a uniform in school eliminates gang dressing and reduces social class distinctions. Uniforms also cost less than standard school clothing or designer wardrobes.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

It is true that violence features prominently among the current issues in education. This has come about in the spate of recent shootings in schools. However, one important issue you cannot ignore in education is that of funding. Public schools always feel that the funds they are allocated are not enough to cover their expenses. This may not have featured prominently in recent articles on education, but it is an underlying issue that never goes away. The matter is further compounded by the poor performance of US schools in relation to other developed countries. Consequently, funding remains a key issue.

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