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What are the current factors influencing the education system?

I believe that we cannot avoid change. It comes at the time when we least expect it. I am expecting that change in the education sector and I need to prepare adequately. Resisting change is hurting, it is easier to accept and move on than hold to what used to be. I know there is a change in education, but I am not sure if it will have a negative influence on education information we have today. I would like to know the factors that are influencing the education system in the current world.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Derrick Little on July 25, 2018

I am an expert in education information. I have been looking for possible things that are going to happen in few years. I would like us to look at it in a different perspective. I grew up hearing people say history repeats itself. If that is true, what happened while transiting from informal education, which was the only education to formal education, which is the main education supplemented by informal education in rare instances, is going to happen. The rate at which events are turning on is the rate at which we are going to get to internet education. Some values and many other aspects of the current education are going to be lost. Changes in education started many years ago. It is going to climax. It is when the majority of people are noting. It is evident that some nations in the world are changing their syllabus and the systems in education. It indicates that they have seen the education they are offering to her citizens is not effective in meeting their standards. If it was effective many years ago, what has made it be ineffective? It is the change.

Sectors in education are collaborating to work together as a unit. This informs us of one of the major drive influencing the education systems. The associations and effective working are through the internet. It is the mother of all changes today. It informs various models and platforms that are only available to as many students as possible on the internet. The online education that is taking over the world has the changes that were not featured in the education sector a few years ago. The internet has influenced education player’s perceptions. It is the second thing that has come powerfully to influence the systems. We understand that anything that works on human perception can change their thinking and take new directions in life. We believe that it has already led many captive and many cannot study and do research without the internet. Another important thing is the technology. As new technology develops, people find new ways to cope with it. The information in education shifts to provide what is relevant to the state of affairs in that period. People want to secure jobs; hence, the flux will be leaning towards the new technology. Education systems will not have any option but to provide for the need of the players. Who are students; it, in turn, transforms the whole process of learning and structures.

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I am so glad to get information from someone who has such a profound knowledge of education. You have made me understand many things about education that I did not know. The purpose of curriculum change has been hidden to me, now I understand it. I was waiting to see an education change that would feature delegations from superpower countries to dictate the shift. I am grateful that you have opened my mind to learn new things. Now I know that what is being done in the education sectors is because of the ongoing changes. It is amazing that great things happen silently but cause enormous changes in the whole world. The establishment of education sectors is to make sure that students’ interests are met. 

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