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What are the current Colorado school grades?

What are the most recent Colorado school grades? I understand that the school ranking is a reliable guide to choose a school for your child. I am interested in placing my child in a school that will guarantee him a good performance. How do public school grades work anyway? Are high school grades in USA a reliable determinant of performance? I wish to understand how academic grades, in general, are determined. Since I moved from another country to Colorado, I believe the information you can give me here will guide me in making my school choice.

Rodney Fox

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2 answers

2 answers

Jeremy Wood on July 25, 2018

The first thing to understand about education in the USA is that each state makes the policy decisions. The ranking of schools is therefore done by each state within its jurisdiction. This is the case with Colorado school grading, in which all the schools within the jurisdiction are ranked according to their academic performance. It is true that this ranking is a reliable way of getting the general performance level of each school. Here is some additional information to help you understand what the current rankings are, and how the whole system works.

The top-ranked elementary schools in Colorado in 2017 were: Polaris At Ebert in Denver, Aurora Quest in Aurora, Hulstrom Options in Northglenn, High Peaks in Boulder, and Challenge in Denver. You can get the ranking of all the 929 schools in the state at School Digger.

The top-ranked high schools were: Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, DSST Stapleton High School in Denver (with several campuses), KIPP Denver Collegiate in Denver, Liberty Common Charter in Fort Collins, and D'Evelyn in Denver. More information and the complete ranking of schools is available at U.S. News.

Though there are many considerations during the process, most academic rankings are done on the basis of performance in the main subjects such as English, Math, Science and Social Studies, for elementary school. The high school rankings are based on GPA scores and performance in general exams such as SAT. Grading of public schools is mostly a comparison of the average performance of all the learners at a particular level, usually the final year, in each school.

The USA high school grading system is based on the collective average performance of individual learners. However, this does not mean that each student actually excels. Your child’s good performance is a direct product of the effort he will put in. His IQ also contributes significantly to his attainment of that coveted high academic grade.  

Caroline Campbell9 months ago

High school grading in the USA is a pretty complex matter. The main problem is that different states do it in their own way. It is thus more accurate to look for the system they use in a particular state, rather than in the entire country. It is also wrong to assume, just as it has been mentioned, that your child will excel, just because he is in a school which is highly ranked. Part of the ranking is done by comparing the lowest performing students. This means that the low and average performers are there in every school. The bottom-line is that every student is entitled to a basic education, which usually ends with the high school graduation. Not all of them are academic high performers. So your child will have to choose the crowd to compete with if he wants to perform well.  

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