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What are the critical aspects discussed at this year’s Apple education event?

I was looking into education events in Chicago in 2018 when I came across Apple’s spring event. Sadly, I learned about it too late. I’m a private tutor with a passion for technology especially that which touches on education.

I’m also an ardent believer in improving student work and performance by using technology as an assistive resource in teaching. I mostly deal with high school student requiring additional help in school work and adult learners. Since I missed this year’s Apple education event, I was seeking a bit of insight on areas discussed.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 14, 2018

I am sorry that you missed Apple’s education event. Well, unlike the previous annual education events which are typically held at venues in California, this year Apple decided to hold it in Chicago at a local high school venue! I thought this was an incredible move in trying to reach and educate more people on technology.

The focus of this year’s event was to discuss the company’s latest technological innovation developed towards education. However, the event was quite short and lasted for roughly an hour. Here is a description of the meeting's agenda:

The new iPad for learning: the main topic of the day was about Apple’s latest addition to their education supportive tech devices. The new invention is an iPad supporting stylus use. The iPad which costs over $300 for individuals is subsidized for schools- which pay about $30 less. The unique feature of this iPad that also sets it apart from other iPads and tablets Apple is currently selling is the ability to use the stylus pen. Before this new device, the feature was only available to iPad Pro users. With some other attractive features, including 10-hour battery life, this device is a useful tool for adults to lower academic level students. The drawback, however, is that you have to buy the stylus separately at a discounted rate of $89 for teachers and students.

Partnership with Logitech on the device:

This new and affordable iPad designed to work with students efficiently has partnered with Logitech to offer a lower priced stylus pen. It is at least half the price. Going at a flat market price of $49, it works well with the device while offering additional colorful bands (a bit different from the original Apple stylus. You can also purchase a separate keyboard at $99 from Logitech designed for the device.

Software updates:

Apple also announced updates to its software iWork. The new updated version comes with exciting features. Apart from supporting the Apple stylus, there are more features to check out. There is a new tool for teachers to work with their students in creating digital books. You can make a book by putting together notes, pictures, and imaginative illustrations. You can save and share these books with other students in your class. Students can also work together to create written assignments using the tool.

Though short, this event in Chicago did bring real solutions for practical use in the classroom. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

I don’t think you missed so much by not attending the Apple education event. Though they did launch a new device designed for teachers and learners alike, it did not bring anything new to the industry. I follow up on technology a lot, and I am usually keen on new devices introduced to our market. It is a fact that Microsoft and also Google are key players in the development of technology in education and have been big competitors for Apple. Except for a few innovative features, the device has pretty much what you would have on your phone. For a device such as this one to be affordable, a lot of compromises must be made.

I am not a skeptic; I mean to say is that this event was about launching a device that people can afford in general. For a tech enthusiast, it would not have been of much use to you. 

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