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What are the criteria for application to accredited online degree programs?

My desire to earn a higher education certificate is very strong. However, I haven’t had an opportunity to get it. Now, I have decided to look for an online learning center so I can study at home. I’d like to know what I would need to apply for online degree programs from accredited schools such as the Philips online learning center.

Alexa Spicer

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Justin Parker on May 17, 2018

Your question is ambiguous because you have not stated the course you want to do. Moreover, I would like to clarify something about Philips Center for Online Learning. It is precisely for medical professionals looking for continuing education. If you are seeking your first professional degree, in medicine or not, you will not find this platform well suited to your needs.

Let me come back to the question about online colleges’ application. The requirement may be lengthy or few depending on the actual school that is offering the degree. However, the minimum standard requirements include your GPA score in high school and ACT/ SAT score. Some online programs may require that you spend some minimum amount of class hours on campus, so check the fine print of any program you are considering.

Each university and program has a minimum score. My advice to you would be to start working on your SATs or ACTs. These tests are dependent on which one the school you are considering accepts, as each is significantly different from the other.

Here is a guide to help you with your online degree program application:

  • Do a career aptitude test. This test is essential even if you know what you want to do. Aptitude tests assess a person’s natural and gained abilities and try to match them to related careers. If you are not sure of your suitability for a profession in mind, take this test.
  • Look for an accredited learning center online that offers your chosen course. For online education, accreditation is vital. If you find a good degree program, but the institution providing it is not regionally/nationally accredited, don’t waste your money on it.
  • Register and prepare for SATs/ACTs. These are mandatory requirements for any degree, online or on-campus. If the university does not specify which one you should do, choose the one based on your knowledge and abilities.
  • Fill out an application. Once you are done with all these prerequisites, you are ready to fill out an online application. Download the application form from the institution’s website, fill it and submit as directed. Make sure you attach all your academic documents.
  • Organize your finances. Online degrees are cheaper than regular on-campus degrees. However, the tuition fee is still significant enough to warrant an assessment of your financial capabilities. If you wish to apply for student loans, scholarships or grants, this is the right time. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

An online degree program is simple to apply. Though you have to meet the requirements, as mentioned above, you do not need so much for admission. I want to emphasize what has already been said. How well you prepare before you make your application determines acceptance or rejection. The most vital advice I would give you is to research thoroughly on the institution you intend to apply to study your degree. Top-tier schools have more stringent requirements than most of the other universities. Therefore, the rating of the university under your consideration also matters. If it is highly rated, know that the competition is high and vacancies limited. In such a case, make your application as convincing as possible to give you a competitive advantage. Do not leave any blanks and proofread it to ensure there are no errors. Every university application is unique, so follow your instincts. 

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