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What are the contribution limits to 529 plans?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on October 3, 2018

Marginal contribution annual savings University 529 plans established by Federal law from taxes on donations exclusion limit. Beginning in 2008, the limit today is $12,000.\n. \nThere is one for youI am the exception, for parents/groom / godparents who want to make a large Deposit. A father can do for up to five years contributions for one year, provided that no new deposits are carried out in this period. This means that each parent can invest $60,000 to $120,000 per whole, with a single tank, and without penalty, tax, provided that you do not add any additional money to the 529 plan for the next five years.\n. \nIn addition, every plan has a limit on the maximum contribution that regulates the amount of funds can be credited to the account. The limit applies to deposits, not the account value, so the future growth of your savings does not reduce the amount you can contribute. Restrictions vary from state to state, but average about $250,000, check with the 529 plan Manager or state Treasurer of the Department, to find the limit of your plan, or you can visit that displays the limit for each plan on line 529 reference table.

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