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What are the common mistakes people make when trying to get pregnant?

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Nicholas Rivera on September 13, 2018

Common mistakes: -Not being educated. The majority of women know very little about their cycles and how to conceive. Read the book: Take control of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. The book explains your cycle, charting and how to get pregnant. If you don't have sex at the right time in your cycle, you will not get pregnant. -Have sex to much. You should only have sex once every 24 hours during your fertile phase. Your fertile phase is the 2-3 days before the day of ovulation and the day of ovulation. If the man has low sperm count, then you should have sex every two days during the fertile phase. -The use of lubricant. Having baby sex, do not use lubricant (KY, astroglide, etc) it makes the sperm immobile. If you want to use lube, use preseed. Preseed promotes a sperm friendly atmosphere. -Using douch or scented tampons. Do not douche or use scented tampons. They alter the acidity of the vagina. -Having oral sex when having baby sex. Do not have oral sex when you are having baby sex. The Saliva can kill the sperm. -Not taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid when you start trying to conceive. It is best to start taking prenatal vitamins and 1000 mg of folic acid at least three months prior to conception. This is the best way to prevent birth defects and promote a healthy pregnancy. -Stressing. Stop trying to get pregnant take over your life. This will not help your cause. Don't let trying to get pregnant take over your life. -Take tests from early pregnancy. It takes the fertilized egg around a week to 10 days to implant in the uterus. Once the egg is implanted then your body starts releasing pregnancy hormones HCG. Prior to implantation you are not pregnant. Prior to implantation your body does not even know that it was conceived. It takes a while for the HCG to build in your system. Your body's reaction to HCG is what causes pregnancy symptoms. Home pregnancy test look for HCG to conclude pregnancy. You should have enough amount of HCG in the urine to register a positive result. There is no point in taking the home pregnancy tests before your period should arrive. It is a waste of money and sanity, because there is always the possibility that you could be pregnant and it is not the registry, because you don't have enough HCG in your system. It is also necessary to take the home pregnancy test with your first morning urine. This will have the highest level of the HCG hormone.

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