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What are the cohesive device?

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Daniel King on February 10, 2019

the concept of cohesion in writing is related to semantics(meanings)--the study of how meaning in language is created by the use and inter-relationship of words, phrases and phrases.refers to relations of meanings that exist within the text. coherence in writing means achieving a consistent relationship among its various parts. this is achieved through the use of various types of cohesive devices. cohesive devices are typically single words or phrases that basically make the text hang together. they show the logical relationship between the various parts of an essay as well as between sentences and paragraphs. cohesive devices in language help to expand the context, such as whether information is completely new,related to information in other sentences or is a reference to the "old"information from a previous sentence. this helps make the text coherent,in part, by including how information is relevant.. ref:improving reading and comprehension skills.

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