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What are the characteristics of a good English tutor?

Learning the English language can be interesting if I can get a good English tutor. However, there are a number of people who offer English homework tutor help, but I am not sure if I would enjoy learning from them. I believe that when I learn from a good English instructor, the lessons will be enjoyable, and my communication skills will improve. However, to identify good English local tutors, I need to know the characteristics of a good teacher. This will protect me from wasting my time by hiring the service of a novice and inexperienced teacher. I will appreciate a detailed answer to my question.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 26, 2018

Obviously, a large number of people are struggling with speaking and writing good English. Moreover, higher learning institutions require their students to have a good command of English language. On this basis, students who are not good in the English language are forced to hire the services of an English tutor. Well, from the various reviews of these students, the following are some of the characteristics of these teachers:

  • Capability to innovate
  • Has an independent thinking ability
  • Imaginative
  • Social/interactive skills
  • Interdependence

A good English teacher is innovative. Most students prefer a homework tutor who introduces new ideas and concepts in class. When the tutor homework helper is not innovative, chances of his class being boring are high. Students will not enjoy the lessons, and there are possibilities that a child will not acquire the necessary skills the lessons aim to impart. On this note, it is highly recommendable that any tutor of English language needs to be innovative and creative.

Moreover, a professional tutor must be social and have interactive skills. This is an essential requirement for all tutors, because when teaching, they have to associate with their students. If a teacher does not have social skills, how will he develop learning relationship with students, with the intention of helping them learn English? This is an aspect that even local tutors are aware of, and they constantly seek to improve their social skills.

Nonetheless, professional teachers who promote interactive activities in their English lessons empower their learners, and this helps to improve their communication capabilities. You can prove this assertion by studying professional tutors from the local area you reside in. You will note that they are successful in their English lesson teaching because of their capability to promote interactive activities amongst themselves and their students.

Furthermore, an imaginative teacher is an asset to his students. They come up with new ideas that break the monotony of classroom studies, and this makes the lessons to be more interesting. Imagination kills boredom, and it creates a lively learning environment. You will obviously not want to learn the English language in a class that is boring and devoid of new learning ideas.

Finally, work with a teacher who promotes the ideals of interdependence. In any field, it is impossible to succeed by yourself. People need to work as a team, for purposes of achieving success. The same is applicable to English learning. When you learn the English language, it is advisable for the teacher to promote group discussions. It is easier to learn from peers and group members, concepts that you may find it difficult to understand when a teacher explains it.

Noel Byrda year ago

One of the things that I agree with from the above answer is the fact that innovativeness is one of the aspects that helps to define who a good English teacher is. It is an obvious fact, that innovativeness is not a requirement that is limited to English teachers only, but also to teachers
of other subjects. Without innovation, it is difficult for a tutor to develop an interesting lesson plan that makes learning an enjoyable process. Moreover, interdependence is an attribute that a teacher and students must have. Students must appreciate one another, and be willing to work as a team, for purposes of facilitating the learning process. Therefore, while I agree that a good English teacher must depict interdependence characteristics, without collaboration from students, he may fail to promote such principles in the classroom. This is because students may not cooperate with him, when it comes to group discussions. Despite this, the question has been effectively answered.

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