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What are the best universities in Canada for international students?

I am planning on going to study in Canada next summer and do not know where to start. I have never been out of the country, and I don’t even know what Canada looks like. I understand there are many universities in Canada, but I have not identified the best one to join. I want to enter a college either in Ottawa, Toronto, or Vancouver. Although I know what is study abroad from friends I have never had an opportunity to do it practically. What do I need to know before going to Canada?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 12, 2018

From my own experience, Canada is a great country to study in. I have been there for some time and can testify most of these universities are excellent. Canada experiences extreme weather conditions. Studying in Canada means preparing yourself to learn in any weather. Consequently, traveling over long distances is difficult to cover due to harsh climate. It is advisable to reside near your school.

Another important thing about Canada is language. Before joining any university in Canada, it is critical to know that English is not common to all people. Although a significant number of people on the streets speak English, there is also a good number who don’t speak the language. You have to familiarize yourself with other languages such as French to socialize properly with the local people.

Of the three towns you have mentioned, I would advise you to go to Toronto. The city is quite cool and there is a significant number of people who are bilingual. As a result, going around the city is not a major challenge as you are most likely to come across someone who can speak English or French fluently. In addition, there are many places you can visit on weekends when you are not busy such as the 553-meter CN Tower among others.

If you know what studying abroad is and have interacted with people with different experiences, then you will realize that Canada is by far a much better place to study. The country provides a world famous education system. Furthermore, their fees are very low compared to other universities in other developed nations. Their degrees are equivalent to those offered in America and Commonwealth nations.

Canada enjoys a high number of international students. This means when you go there, you will have the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. You will have a chance to interact and know so much from people from other countries. Canada provides you with an opportunity to know about other people and their cultures even without visiting their countries.

Many other factors have contributed to the growth of Canada as a destination for many international students. For instance, the country provides high-quality education. The country is also generally very safe, and crime rates are very low. Technology is also heavily used in schools. The nation’s research fields are among the world’s most advanced. Irrespective of the city that you choose to live in, life in Canada is almost the same across all regions.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

I have been to Canada, and I can say that life is different in different regions. For instance, Vancouver and Toronto are very different. Vancouver is a costly city to live in. It is explained by the large number of tourists that visit the city. Consequently, the cost of living is not student friendly. Toronto or Ottawa are different. Life there is affordable, and the cities are very welcoming to international students. In addition, unlike Ottawa or Toronto, Vancouver has a diverse culture, mainly due to immigration. Therefore, if you decide to study in this city, you will see a significant number of people on the streets who do not know English or cannot speak it fluently.

The climate in the three cities is quite different. Vancouver has rainy and not so cold winters. Consequently, a lot of tourists flock to the city. Many entertainment facilities such as nightlife places and bars are found in this city. Toronto, on the other hand, is characterized by extreme winters. Snow and cold are experienced during this time. In addition, Toronto is ideal for those who love the urban culture.

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