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What are the best test answers for job assessments?

I am looking for the most appropriate test answers for job assessments. Recently, I came about pre-employment tests during my job seeking exercise. A company I have applied to demands that I take some tests before I can join them.

I would love to get information on what are the best ways to tackle such tests and the most appropriate answers.

Please provide information on the types of tests that an individual may come across when applying for a job.

Finally, let me how online testing of the same goes about.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 1, 2018

To be able to provide the best test answer, you ought to be well prepared beforehand. Below are some of the ways you could get yourself ready for pre-employment tests:

● Take relevant online courses: Schedule yourself to undertake various online courses that will provide valuable insight into the specific components of these tests. These include numerical tests, abstract tests, verbal tests, personality tests and mechanical tests.

● Do some online practice: Do some practice questions online on the same. Undertake various test questions and have a look at reports from previously conducted tests. Ask for feedback from the people who offer you practice test questions. This will enable you to work on your shortcomings.

● Get live coaching: Find an expert on pre-employment tests and ask them to coach you on these tests.

There are several types of testing for job seekers. These tests aim to determine if an applicant is suitable to a particular position they wish to fill. The following are some of the administered tests:

Emotional Intelligence tests

This test examines how an individual forms and handles relationships. It also assesses the person’s ability to understand their emotions and those of others. This test is most common in careers that require leadership qualities and interpersonal interactions. These tests are good indicators of job performance.

Skills assessment tests

These tests assess an individual’s work related skills. These might be hard skills such as computer literacy or soft skills such as a keen eye. Skills assessment tests include writing tests, presentation tests, data review tests etc.

Physical ability tests

They provide meaningful assessment of a person’s physicality. These tests are crucial in handy professions such as rescue. It is difficult to fake your performance on such tests.

Personality tests

This provides crucial information on the suitability of an individual’s personality to a particular job. Various personalities correlate to job performance differently. For instance, sales individuals tend to be have a higher rating in confidence and sociability.

Employers are increasingly utilizing online tests as part of their recruitment exercise. To partake in an online assessment, follow the step below:

● Go online and select the most appropriate job-testing provider. Among the search results, make a choice after a careful review the job test results factoring in the scope of the tests, time taken and people opinions. I recommend you use a paid service as they provide deeper knowledge and better insight on you.

Kurt Price2 years ago

Pre-employment testing has become an integral part of employee screening. I would like to point out a few more types of tests for job seekers:

Job knowledge tests

This pre-employment exam assesses your theoretical knowledge and technical skills in a specific job. This test is crucial when screening employees for careers that need specialization or top-notch expertise.

Integrity tests

These tests help employers to root out fraudulent, undependable and insubordinate potential employees. Overt integrity tests evaluate both work ethic and integrity in a straightforward manner. Covert integrity tests evaluate an individual’s personality attributes that relate to integrity such as uprightness.

Cognitive ability tests

These tests evaluate an individual’s mental capability. The mental capability of a person is a good indicator of job performance. This is a very precise indicator of job capability. Example include the General Aptitude Test (GAT). GAT is useful in assessing your logic, numerical and
oral thinking.

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