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What are the best study tools I should have in college?

Students need to discover standardized techniques that can be implemented to make college educational life lucrative. For these techniques to be fulfilled certain study tools need to be used and become favorable for various courses and tests. By implemented standardized study tips for exams, it will effectively minimize the time required for preparing for a course enhancing proper preparation to recalling course content accurately. But the question arises about the best tools to use for performing better during my exams. I would like to incorporate significant college study skills effectively. Please give me some advice on this.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Justin Parker on May 24, 2018

Many tools have been proposed to student promising to give them the best in their education when implemented. However, an implementation of tools of study below are effective to fulfill any educational goals.

  • The Study Stack

This tool provides the best flashcards to be used for studying a specific coursework. To access this tool, students have to create an account and select a wide set of shared flashcards by other students and even teachers. This tool is absolutely free and also allows account users to select and create different flashcards in various categories such as geography, languages, mathematics, business, medical sciences and other tests. Moreover, there is an option to play games with flashcards making the study process more fun. Many students using this tool like it because of its ease of accessibility and that it is pocket-friendly. This tool makes it inexpensive to enjoy studying on the app.

  • The Fact Monster

First of all, this tool is absolutely free combining all relevant materials of study, homework assistance and funny facts. This tool is significant to enable the first-grade achievement for college students looking for the best study tip for an exam. Students are allowed to play games and undertake prompt tests based on different subjects they select. Subjects included in the app are history, language and arts, mathematics, sciences and geography. Many students and instructors who have download this tool praise it because it’s free and provides all necessary information to students. This tool is a utopia of informative study resources for both teachers and students.

  • The Kahoot

This tool has provided a series of multiple-choice questions that students can use to gauge their mastery competencies of coursework. Moreover, being able to master your coursework is the best college study skill that every student should aim at. This tool enables students to select their own format, number and visuals of the question. Moreover, the game option is also included targeting on group settings; for instance, classmates. This implies that upon creation and testing of the game, students are provided with an option to share the game with their classmates and instructors.


Roger Moore2 years ago

Indeed study tools ‘in their category’ provide students with a wide selection of resources, quizzes and tests, these tools should have specific test preparation features. These features should range from the whole course content based on college entry gearing from digital flashcards to standardized format of test preparation. Moreover, the best tools need to be determined by multiple customer satisfaction considering their reviews and scale them based on vendor size, the share of the educational marker and its educational impact. These tools also need to be deployed as a cloud base and desktop via the internet to enable a wide extension of utility. Instructors utilize these tools to complement classroom setting enabling students to comprehend studies and reinforce on significant concepts of the course. 

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