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What are the best study tools for Spanish?

My interest in the Spanish language dates back to my early ages in elementary school. Since our Latino family visited us, I felt a strong desire to learn their language and speak it fluently. While in my high-school education, I decided to learn Spanish through various study tools that my relatives suggested to me. One of them was using a study quiz to test my ability of the Spanish language acquisition. It has not worked well for me. One of my friends knows Latin and suggested that I use the same Latin study tools to learn Spanish. I am uncertain if it will help me. I need to learn various study techniques that would help me learn Spanish effectively.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 16, 2018

Studying Spanish to perfection has been the best journey I have ever had in my life. I had a similar desire like you while I was a young child. My desire grew, even more, when I attended college where I interacted with various Latino classmates. I thus learned how to interact with them, and learned the foreign language. Luckily, my desire and interest in the language were unquenchable.

The best study tool entails personal interaction with the people who understand the language. Personal interaction with such people gives you an added advantage to learning the grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and fluency of speech through the native speakers. The best way to know if you have acquired the mastery of a language is when you can speak it fluently. Attaining this through interacting with the native people is easier than you could think.

The other study tool that can make significant results entails using excellent books and reading materials in Spanish. My experience with my friends at college grew out of my willingness to do what they suggested to me. One thing they insisted on was reading books, novels and any reading resource I got. Eventually, I would read various stories in Spanish with fluency. Most friends were amazed at my speed to acquire the language with ease. In my heart, I knew it was not easy; it took my determination and effort to do it.

Computers and using online resources online is also the other way to learn the Spanish language well. Study techniques can be personal at times. What works for one person may not work for the other. However, using computers and online materials such as videos, clips, and films that show how the native speakers interact can be helpful. It is one of the study techniques that I used, and I can attest to its practicability.

The major thing I realized in the years I learned Spanish is that nothing can be hard for a determined mind. My determination and desire kept me going in trying new things every time. Your thought that using a studying quiz is not effective would be unlikely. If you change your perception of it and give it a new approach, then you will be surprised to see how it works perfectly. You could have various study tools that people will suggest to you. Studying Spanish is the best thing you can do. With a willing mind, every study tool you come across becomes easier hence the learning process.

Talking about study tools of Latin, I don’t think that they will be helpful in learning Spanish as the Latin language was spoken in ancient Rome and this language is not as widespread as Spanish nowadays. Thus the tools for learning these languages will be totally different.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I agree with the various study tools suggested. However, my experience was different altogether. I came to learn Spanish in the last year of my college. At first, I was afraid because of the misconception that learning language is difficult. I ignored this and dedicated my time to study the language. I had to learn it to get a job offer in one of the Spanish-speaking countries. The major study strategy that worked for me is using flashcards. I knew I would easily forget some vocabularies if I did not take active measure to remember them. As a result, relying on printed flashcards with various words and phrases in Spanish was helpful. Above all, I know it takes one’s desire to learn something as needed. My passion and continuous desire for this language made a whole difference in the ease of learning it. Spanish is an interesting language, and various study techniques exist to help people with a deep desire for it.

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