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What are the best study tips to prepare for an exam?

Every time that I have to prepare for an exam, I remember that I need to ask about the best study tips that I think that are a secret to me, because I can’t find a good way to study. I just need to know the technique and then I’m sure that I’ll be a good student. After I receive good exam tips, I’ll use all of them to get higher marks. I want to go to college but it’ll be hard if I don’t use effective study techniques.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Justin Parker on July 17, 2018

We can find good study tips on educational sites on the internet or in some study guides but, unfortunately, there is no “best study tip”. There are a series of recommendations that some students share because they have been effective to them. You can read about them and use them to see if they can be effective to you too, but it is not guaranteed.

Study tips are not secret. There are just tips that work for others and not for us and we need to keep trying until we find our own technique that will lead us to high grades. Some common suggestions to study can be useful for all students. For example, studying in a calm place. You can fail at exams because you have a bad technique to study. But even if you have the right technique, you will fail to study in a proper way if you study in a noisy place or under distracting conditions.
Calm places as your school library or your local library can be perfect places to study because they do not only offer quietness but also books that you may need to clear doubts about any subject. Studying in a calm place is a good exam tip but if you find hard to focus in a silent place you can listen to some classical or calm music at a low volume while studying.

You can try as many study tips as you want. Another good common tip that may become one of your favorites is to take breaks while you study. Experts on education advise that you do not sit to study for many hours in a row. Students have peaks of attention that alternate with moments when getting focused is more difficult.

The idea behind this technique is to fully use the peaks of attention to study the subjects that are more complex and when you start feeling tired, take a break. During these breaks, you can drink a glass of water or juice because scientists have discovered that hydration is a very important element for humans to be able to focus their minds on something.

Another very effective study technique that has been useful for most students is to study in advance. Do not wait to study until you are told the date of an exam but prepare as soon as possible. 

Roger Moorea year ago

The best tip to study for an exam is to do it with a lot of time in advance, to start preparing on the same day when your teacher sets the day for an exam. Of course, we should study all the time, enough to be ready for a surprise test. But let’s face it, that’s not always possible. There are other subjects to care about and we know that nothing will take us apart from our precious hobbies or sports after classes. But if we know that we need to prepare for an exam on a given day, we can start studying little by little each day. We’ll have time to ask our teachers when we have some questions about the material. It’s a good idea to study on the bus too because every minute of study is useful. Those are good exam tips. 

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