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What are the best study skills for middle school?

I am seeking for information on the best study skills for middle school. My children in middle school are really struggling with their grades. They have difficulty achieving their full potential due to poor study skills. I politely ask for advice on how to concentrate on studies. Middle-school children tend to have a considerably lower attention span. Therefore, strategies on boosting concentration will go a long way in averting distractions during study sessions. Finally, please highlight some of the best study techniques. This will improve the efficiency of their study sessions.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 25, 2018

You child’s success in middle school will go a long way in determining their future. The following is a highlight of the best studies skills for middle school:
Come up with a study plan: Consult with your children and formulate an appropriate study plan, which takes into account various schooling aspects. These include topics covered in exams, date of the exam and the questions asked. If you need help coming up with a study plan for your teens, ask for expert advice.
Encourage them to be positive: A positive mindset is crucial to academic success in middle school. Install and nurture a can-do attitude within them. This will greatly boost their morale and desire to study.
Advise them to form study groups: Encourage them to join and form academic study groups. This is particularly useful in cases where a student has problems grasping certain concepts. Kindly note that the groups ought to be small in order to be efficient.
Develop the art of active listening in them: Advice your children to be concentrated during their classes and study sessions. Encourage them to be extra attentive when the teacher speaks. This will include paying attention to teacher gestures and body language.
On how to concentrate on a study, consider these:
Keep away from possible distractions: Turn off the TV, phone and computer during study sessions.
Allot time for each subject: This will be helpful in eliminating the panic that comes when you are not able to read for all the examinable subjects. Do this by creating a study timetable.
Be flexible with the timetable: In cases where you feel like you require more time for a certain subject, feel free to do it. There is no need to be so rigid at the expense of gaining from your studies.
Plan to study in accordance with your biological clock: Be sure to study your most problematic subjects when very focused.
Some of the best techniques for studying are:
Do not multi-task: Engaging in other things while studying is very detrimental to one’s study. It prolongs the study time and limits your ability to grasp concepts.
Undertake some practice tests: Be sure to get practice tests for your children in middle school. Get old test papers and use them to give your children a sense of the exam.
Make connections: Try to connect what you read in your studies with real life situations.

Brian Warnera year ago

I would like to add some more information on the best study techniques. Below are some invaluable study techniques that will ensure your child aces middle school exams:
The Fenyman Notebook Method: This study method involves the breakdown of complex concepts into simpler ones to better our understanding of them. It helps us understand concepts by looking at their likeness to other things.
The Leitner System: This is the best flashcard study method. It enables students develop their active recall abilities. It keeps the student constantly reviewing concepts they do not know more often until they can be able to understand them. Flashcards of correctly answered questions are put further behind in the box. Incorrectly, answered questions have their flashcards at the front of the box. This ensures the incorrectly answers questions are reviewed regularly thus enhancing understanding.
Caution! Do not over rely on a particular learning system.
Good luck!

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