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What are the best study habits to ensure the best results in academics?

My life in college seemed to be different from my life in high school. While expected similar study contexts and concepts on what to study, the difference makes me unable to configure the best way to study to achieve my set goals. The social setting, career objectives, peer influence, and other factors make college study skills complicated. While I still hold on my ambitions and goals as a college student, sometimes I feel incapacitated to study as I thought I would. I am considering a study helper to aid my study schedules. That is why I want to find out the best study habits one can employ while in college and achieve desirable results.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 13, 2018

Success in college education entails designing the best study schedules that can help you achieve your goals. The college setting is likely to derail many students who seem to get lost in the pleasures that the social settings bring about. However, there are practical habits of study that can help you make a difference in your college education. While there may be many suggestions professionals make, I have found a secret in three excellent skills of studying in college. The first one entails proper planning, which tracks the various activities one has to accomplish. It is obvious that college life is very different from the high school life that students are used to. For college students, they have many responsibilities to tackle. One thing I realized while in college is that among the numerous activities I had to engage in, only few were important to my education. Consequently, I learned to plan adequately for what I had to do and set my priorities right. Secondly, identifying a study group through which you can explore the concepts together is a good study habit. I know it is never easy to study alone. Sometimes I could be distracted easily by things like my phone despite the fact that I had the StudyHelper App. My salvation came through the study group I had joined. We could keep one another accountable during the study schedules and ensure we achieve our goals. The third habit that worked for me was thinking positively at all times. Negative peer influence is obvious in college; you only need to learn how to avoid listening to negative advice and pursue what your education entails.

These, among other habits such as identifying regular times and places of study, can help students achieve extraordinary results. Your choice on what is worth studying at a particular time is also important. I also realized a magical solution to studying at specific times of the day. As a result, I took that opportunity to study the courses I liked most during such times so that I could make the most of such study times. I believe it is interesting if you identify some secrets in the course of your learning. You could make a difference in your academics if you employ the most effective study schedules.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I partially agree with the sentiments in this comment. I concur that proper planning, identifying a study group, and thinking positively are excellent study habits. However, I believe in personalized study schedules. This means that what works for one student may not work for the other. As a result, each one of them would need to identify study habits that are workable for him or her. I appreciate people who would study in the night as their best study times. For me, it was a nightmare to try studying at night. In fact, I knew that I would at any time as long as my body was relaxed and my mind was ready to grasp the concept. What I mean is that specific timings have never worked for me, but recognizing the best state of my mind and body was the secret. I would advise that you do an analysis to identify which habit would work for you. You can try the suggestions you have at hand, and eventually, you will establish the best one from experience.

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