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What are the best strategies for building self esteem?

With the increased rate of the deaths of young people due to low self-esteem and related issues, I feel motivated to understand the best way to help them. I know building self esteem for young people can be a challenge especially if they have no one to rely on. I have a desire to help young people especially those in schools and colleges to learn healthy ways to boost self esteem. If I can help people to build self-worth, then we would have low suicidal cases in our colleges. This is why I need to know the best strategies for promoting self esteem.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Donald Ward on March 15, 2018

The concept of self-esteem especially as related to suicide and other issues is very complex. I acknowledge that many societies have lost young lives due to the issue of suicide caused by poor self-esteem. The amazing thing is that it is possible and easy to build self-esteem and live a fulfilling life. I will share my personal experience on how I have overcome low self-esteem and how my parents have helped me to rebuild my self-worth after failing my major exam in school.

Having failed my main exam, I felt like the world had collapsed over me. In fact, I contemplated taking my life away. Luckily, I had good parents who knew what low self-esteem was, and how to help someone fight with it. This is why I would say that the best way of building your self-worth is being around people who have knowledge about self-esteem and who can go out of their way to help you rebuild what you lost. Besides, social support helps one to avoid unhealthy feelings that will cause such incidences as suicides.

The second strategy to help one to promote self-esteem is accepting the things they have without worries. One thing that my parents would emphasize is that I had nothing to do with my failed exam and I should avoid thinking about it. They made me realize that I only had a chance to make something else better by taking a different exam or trying something else. I agreed with them on this. I realized it was affecting me negatively both mentally and physically. Despite the fact that it took me quite some time, accepting the situation and deciding to focus on other achievements I had made in my life helped me greatly.

The third strategy, which is the most important one, is avoiding negative thoughts and feelings. I have learned that there is no other better way of boosting self-esteem other than marinating positive cognitions despite the circumstances that arise in life. If failing in my exam defined who I was then I would not have survived the low esteem I experienced. However hard it was, I had to learn how to think positively in all situations. If you learn how to take everything positive, including those that cause you distress, then you will never suffer from low self-esteem. Think highly of yourself and avoid negative self-talk, and enjoy every bit of your personality.


Jessie Thompsona year ago

I think that love and support are also very important for teenagers when they are in need of building self esteem. Psychologists may talk to them, their family may speak to them, but the support that young people need should be stronger and constant to help them trust themselves. It takes a while before they realize how valuable they are but we must stay by their side until they do it. I think that promoting self esteem is very important and necessary when we see a teenager that has low self esteem because it can definitely be dangerous. 

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I acknowledge the insights about building self-esteem. I agree to it especially the last one about maintaining a positive mind and avoiding negative feelings and thoughts. Promoting self-esteem is something every person should strive towards. With the effects of poor self-esteem being rampant, I would say that avoiding people who devalue you is dangerous. I may not have suffered from low self-esteem, but I know some friends who have battled with it. The relationships with friends especially during times of distress can be significant regarding building one’s self-esteem. Nevertheless, I have a different opinion concerning accepting situations. I would say that while accepting a situation is crucial; it is beneficial to challenge oneself to avoid making further mistakes in the future. If there is something about yourself that you can change to make things better, then focusing on the change is more important than accepting the past failure without any challenge.

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