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What are the best Rutgers study abroad opportunities?

Rutgers University is a great place to spend your academic years. However, I would like to travel for a bit as well. I know that many establishments offer international programs. What about Rutgers study abroad programs? Are they as good as the offers from other universities? If not, then what are the best colleges for study abroad travels? I’d like to find good options to spend my time without any regrets. What are the best study abroad locations that you can advise me? It would be a pity to go to another country and be disappointed by your choice.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on April 17, 2018

I would say that if you don’t want to be disappointed by your travel, you should think what country suits YOU the most. However, I’ll tell you my own list of the best locations to study abroad. Mind that our opinions may differ. Think about it as a subjective story I’ll share with you. I think the best place is somewhere in Europe. By somewhere, I mean almost anywhere. I’m fascinated by the way European cities preserve its ancient history. In one place, you can see the way centuries alternate and bring something new to the city. Their stories are deeper than any place in America. Here, kings and queens fought for power, great artists searched for inspiration, and first universities were established. I truly think this is a place where art and studies are combined in a perfect balance.

Another advantage of studying in Europe is the close proximity of various countries and cultures. While the U.S. is huge, Europe is diverse. In a day, you can drive through so many places with their own cultures and traditions that your head may ache at the end of the day. It’s a bonus that I like to use—travel to various countries just for the weekend. Such vacations don’t interrupt my studies and give me a way to relax.

I’m sure that Rutgers abroad studies cover Europe as well. In fact, I know that its Italy art programs are great. While I don’t know your major, I’m sure you can find something to your liking.

Now, why would you need to look for the best study abroad colleges when you have Rutgers? Most of them only work with their students. If you already are a member of the Rutgers University, stick to its programs to get more benefits. If you try hard enough, you may even get a scholarship for studies abroad.

The establishment will make sure to cover everything you need. The support crew will be available 24/7 and the administration usually comes up with flexible solutions for the students. Besides, the Rutgers Global program is all about the safety and well-being of its participants. If something happens while you are abroad, the administration will help you to deal with it locally. Here, look at this page  It offers some tips on various dangers of new places including traffic, food, and people.  Search the website for other tips that may come in handy.

Noel Byrda year ago

If a person is looking for the best colleges to study abroad, I can mention a few options, including universities. First of all, pay attention to the University of Richmond. It may be not as big as you would like, but its programs are wonderful. Here, you can find everything from small spring break trips to full semesters abroad. Syracuse is another top choice of my friends. This is a place for young people who are eager to try something new. Have you ever thought about studying biodiversity in Madagascar? No? Then it is time to ask Syracuse for this unique opportunity.

Gettysburg works with more than 50 countries and offers so many programs that it is very hard to choose only one if you don’t already have a specific plan in your mind. Centre College is the leading supplier of abroad students. In addition to small holidays in other countries, its students spend whole semesters abroad.

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