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What are the best places to study abroad, in terms of quality and affordability?

I’m about to start making my applications for colleges. I have been a great performer in academics and I also have great practical skills and volunteer experience. I am hoping to use these to get into a scholarship program. I know great colleges in the US but I’m also looking at top universities in UK. What options exist? Is there a good formula for how to study abroad and what have you guys considered when looking for colleges?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 25, 2018

Congratulations on completing your high school and passing with flying colors. There are thousands of universities all around the world and most of them are great in their own right. It would seem however that you have made up your mind to study in either the US or the UK.

These are home to some of the best universities in the world. Thus, the question would be where do you have your eyes set on? Are you looking at an Ivy League college? Most Ivy’s have all the qualities that you desire in a college; great student life, top notch academics and opportunities for research. They also have scholarships, both partial and full for international students and this is one of the main reasons why so many students are attracted to them. The list of Ivy League colleges includes Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Brown, and Pennsylvania among others. These are some of the best places to study abroad in the US.

The question I’d ask is this: what do you want your major to be? What field are you interested in? Is it computer science, in which case Stanford and MIT in the US would be great options? Are you aiming for a career in social studies? What kind of college are you going for? Maybe you don’t want to do a four year degree. I’ll be honest, most students make the mistake of thinking that the college would be a great fit for them instead of how they’d be a great fit for the college. Your answer to how to find a place to study abroad, considering all other factors lies in being able to see how you’d be a great fit for the college.

There are possibly millions of students applying to a very limited number of college spots each year. If you can convince the school that you’d be a great fit for them with your application, you might just get selected. Some of the top universities in the United Kingdom include Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield, Bournemouth and all the big names that you have heard on TV and the internet. The application process differs only slightly from universities in the US, where you have to do SATs and fill out the Common Application. If English is not your first language, you may consider doing the TOEFL exam and submitting these too. Good luck with all your applications.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

There isn’t a strictly specific answer about the best places to study abroad. What you have are top institutions scattered throughout the world. It would be great if you already had an idea of what kind of environment you’d like to study in and what course you’d like to major in. You mention that you are looking for a school that offers scholarships too. You should be aware there are a very limited number of scholarship spaces with possibly millions applying for the same. The key to getting the magic is to ace your application and make it stand out. Each college will likely have its own rules that you need to fulfill before your application can be considered. Check on the websites for these schools to get a better idea of what is needed of you. Also, remember that requirements for international students may differ from those of native students.

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