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What are the best places to study abroad?

I’m looking for an opportunity to apply to a university in another country. I’ve already found a decent study abroad agency and will work with it to get to a foreign university. Though their website looks so great and all countries are described well, I cannot make my choice. I know that I don’t want to go to a country too hot or too cold—just something in the middle, nice and warm in summer and snowy in winter. I hope that I’m asking not too much of you. I hope you know the best places to study abroad for a girl like me. Engineering study abroad is my dream come true, so, I’d like to spend my time in a perfect country.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 15, 2018

There is a good reason why most of the world is so interested in studying abroad. Getting to know new cultures and people is a good way to start your life as an adult. Get decent education, meet new people, improve your language skills, and enjoy your life in a beautiful country. There are many options even for a girl with your requirements. If you are adamant about the climate conditions you’ve listed, I advise you to pay attention to Europe. The countries there vary but are mostly not too extreme.

Italy is a good starting point. The country is warm in general, but summers are colder. The language requirements for the program are very-very basic, though you’ll get your chance to learn it while studying in Italy. Language set aside, the culture is magnificent with those tasty foods, passionate music, real men, and breathtaking sceneries. Visiting the country and studying there is a dream come true.

England is the next option. The historical connections of the country to the rest of the world impress. Students just love studying in the UK. The culture would be easier to adapt to as well as the language. Oh, and that “delicious” British accent is even better in Oxford and Cambridge. All in all, most British universities offer great education and your engineering abroad study is a great option there.

The climate of Span is similar to Italy—the same warm country with the similar languages. If you like historic festivals, siestas, and toreadors, welcome to Spain. The study abroad programs there are diverse and can suit any taste. This is one of the most popular study destinations for American students. So, there, you’ll find many people from our country to feel yourself at home.

In general, most European countries suit your description and offer great engineering courses for abroad students. You may even get a scholarship if you study well.

My last suggestion is more extravagant than the previous destination. First of all, it is not Europe at all. Have you ever been to Japan? If you are interested in immersing into a completely different culture, this country is for you. Of course, summers are hot here, but this is not Africa, you’ll be okay. As we all know, education is Japan is top-notch, the culture is fascinating, and people are hospitable. The only problem would be the language that is considered to be one of the hardest to learn.

I’m sure that if you really want to study abroad, learning the basics of any language and country won’t be a problem for you. Look at this list of other options:

Jessie Thompsona year ago

The abovementioned options are really great and the most popular among students.

However, I would advise you the most unexpected place of all—New Zealand. Though you may think that the climate is too hot for you, this is a common misconception. Though some parts of the island have the subtropical climate, most of it has moderate temperatures. Unfortunately, there are no hobbits here, but the universities are good.  There are tons of great institutions to choose from. In any of them, you’ll be able to feel yourself enter Middle Earth. The nature is so beautiful in any part of the island that you can easily become a young naturalist.

Sharing the language will certainly help you adapt quickly. You can learn about the native Maori tribes and study their traditions. However, you won’t fully immerse in their culture. Here, the main fascination is about the scenery. Learning abroad in New Zealand is the best experience you can get.

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