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What are the best online education courses websites?

I’m looking for a decent online education courses website that contains programs on various categories. It actually doesn’t matter whether the courses are free or not; I just want to complete a few of them to gain new skills and develop the existing ones. Is there any online education portal you can advise me? Which one have you tried yourself? I’m not looking for any special education courses that are so unique that you can hardly find them – something simple yet effective.

I’ve heard there are a few of huge websites that store dozens of thousands of courses in various categories. What are their names?

Megan Page

in Education News

2 answers

2 answers

Felipe Bernardes C on May 10, 2019

Hi Megan, there is this search engine called that will help you find and compare courses... Hope it's useful ;)

Heather Maxwell on March 19, 2018

I think you’ve probably heard about This is one of the biggest online education portals out there. This is also one of the leading massive open online courses platforms. If people talk about a huge pile of lessons in one place, they probably mean this behemoth. It even provides free online courses with certificates which is a real treasure of a long-distance education. These are special educational courses that are rare and almost always full if they are held in groups. Many people search for them and wait for a long time to be able to complete them. Of course, it also depends on the subject of those courses – many are more popular than the others.

Among other MOOC platforms are,, and They may be less popular than EdX but are just as useful and full of programs.

If you are looking for something more reliable with great credentials, pay attention to Harvard free online courses. I’m sure that the programs are made by the university’s professors who are undeniably experts in their fields. Any employee who knows that you have finished Harvard courses will be glad to hire you. This university is a source of ultimate respect and its students simply cannot be a complete failure.

To find a great distance online education course, go to Open University. It offers various types of courses including honors degrees, postgraduate diplomas, certificates, undergraduate modules, etc. You can browse them by subjects and set filters to choose the right program for you. Open University courses cover multiple subjects –from art to engineering.

The number of people who want to complete these programs is great. To enter a course starting in February, for example, you have to register at the beginning of January. So, you have to think beforehand what you want to study and whether you’ll have time for it. Considering the fact that some courses are rather expensive, you have to be completely sure what you want.

If you cannot find the right program, Open University offers the help of its advisers. You can either chat with them or call them to get an immediate answer.

Looking for an open courses website, be careful and check its reliability. Nobody wants to pay money for some super amazing course and find out that it’s only a fraud and their money has been simply stolen.

Just be careful and ask your friends for advice.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

I’d like to add another online education courses website to the list. EducationInsta is a great portal for all students. The number of courses may not be as impressive as those covered by EdX or Coursera, but the variety of degrees won’t disappoint you. This is a place to study now and prepare for further steps in your education. Teens are also welcome to study their possibilities and be ready for what awaits them in the future.

In addition, try Open2Study -

Looking for free yet high-quality courses, welcome aboard. You can even get accredited while studying online. This portal is not only a great source for students to find some decent programs and study, but also a useful promotional mean for educators who want to gain the attention of more people. Visit it and search its categories to fully understand an extent of its reach.

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