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What are the best online certificate programs?

I’ve finished my college studies and I’m going to start working soon but I feel that my education isn’t complete and I want to follow my studies online. I want to take the best online certificate programs, really good ones. I need online courses with certificates that I can add to my CV that is kind of empty right now. I want to find top online courses that can teach me useful things for my professional career and I’d prefer if they’re from renowned institutions but I don’t know if you can get Harvard online certificates.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Justin Parker on June 19, 2018

We celebrate your decision to continue your studies because it is wise, considering that the learning process actually never ends. It is a process that goes throughout our life and that allows us to improve our knowledge of the world and help us develop some practical skills that we may need while working.

The best certificate programs online for you will depend on the field of knowledge that you are looking for and the type of program that you prefer to take. One of the advantages of taking lessons online is that they offer flexibility on your schedule. Whether you choose to register for one of the best short courses online or one of the best long academic courses, you will have the option to receive a verified certificate after you complete your course.

A popular online educational website that you can browse to look for a good online course with certificate is edX ( All the courses listed on that website offer the option to give students a certificate of completion of the course they have taken, provided that they finish all their respective assignments and pass a final test.

In order to receive an edX certificate after successfully completing their course, students must pay a fee that varies from course to course. These certificates are popular among students because edX has courses from respected educational institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, The University of Texas System, Australian National University, Boston University, Georgetown University, among many other national and international institutions.

On the edX platform, it is also possible to find courses at Harvard University ( There is a high probability that you find the top courses online that you need on this site because it comprises courses in every field of knowledge at different levels and lengths to choose from.

You can earn a certificate directly from Harvard if you register on any of the courses that it offers on its website for online learning: There is a long list of categories that may include your area of interest.

You can get online certificates from Harvard on the following areas: arts and design, business and management, computer science, data science, economics and finance, education and organizational development, environmental sciences, government, law and politics, history, humanities, mathematics and data analysis, medicine and public health, religion and spirituality, science and engineering and social science. 

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

I’ve taken Harvard courses and I can say I like them. Harvard offers a wide variety of courses and I do think that its online learning site has the top online courses. You may think that the drawback that we can find in those courses is their price. But Harvard also offers free courses. On the online course page, you can search for courses by cost and one of the options is “free”. And there aren’t only a few free courses, no. The list of free courses is long and they include many areas of interest. I think that’s actually the same list of free courses that you can find on edX. They’re nice and include the necessary learning materials that you may need to complete your course. Usually, those free courses don’t offer credit, but you can choose to pay a fee to have a certificate for your CV. 

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