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What are the best LMS for a student?

I’ve recently worked with SkyPrep but the programs there are limited. So, I’d like to find something new, some e-learning platform that can give you more. I do like the features SkyPrep offers, but a couple more options would be appreciated. I think that web-based learning is the best thing that the Internet has to offer. There is another social learning platform that I know of - Litmos LMS. My friend has it, but I’ve never looked through it. What can you say about the service? Is it one of the best LMS? Is it worth my time or should I look for some other e-learning management system?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 15, 2018

Sorry, I know nothing about Litmos LMS. However, I can tell you a few interesting things about other e-learning platforms.

I know why you like working with SkyPrep. I’ve been a fan of it for a few years already. Frankly speaking, what’s not to love? This is the most user-friendly system out there. The grading is automated, the tracking and reporting features work perfectly, and the webinars are great. I don’t know what you are looking for that you don’t have there – SkyPrep has so many online courses that I can only dream about completing the most interesting ones.

Alright, if you want to find something else, you are free to choose from the myriad of options. Here is what I’ve found:

The important question is what kind of social learning platforms are you looking for? All of them have a few things in common that are universal for all platforms. However, each one is unique and specializes on different aspects.

I think that the best tool such programs offer is the management solution that helps you monitor your activity and progress, as well as saving your statistics. Also, e-learning management systems are great for people who are used to their “mobile lives” and would like to have access to their courses on tablets and smartphones. Get a quick access to the material and have full control over them.

There are also those LMSs that allow you to create interactive courses yourself. Considering that many companies use these systems to interact with their employers and provide them with the necessary materials, the option to create your own programs is an essential tool.

The abovementioned list gives you a lot to think about. Each platform is provided with detailed descriptions that show all their benefits.

Here is another list that may come in handy:

Having so many to choose from, it is hard to pick only one. Actually, you don’t have to choose only one of them. You can pick a few most appealing variants and sign in. Most of them are free or, at least, offer a free trial period. According to my estimations, you can tell whether the system suits you or not in just one day. You don’t need to spend more time dealing with the platform you don’t like.

In addition, I advise you to try downloading some learning management apps to have your courses on your phone.

Finally, my work here is done. I don’t know every little detail about the best LMSs out there. I’ve shared my opinion with you and wish you the best luck in finding your perfect e-leaning program.

Kurt Price2 years ago

These are great lists you’ve found!! Most e-learning platforms are professionally made and offer many decent courses. Some of them even partner with leading universities and spread their materials eagerly. I’ve personally found the ideal course for me at Up-Ability. Their live-event streaming feature fascinates me. I’ve visited many lections without even going outside. And to think that some of them required going to other countries…Online learning is really great!

However, a couple of learning management systems disappointed me. All of them are at the end of the provided lists, so, I wouldn’t worry about people picking them. Just look at those option that take the first places – they are usually the most popular choices.

All in all, I recommend you choosing the right course, not the best platform. It doesn’t matter how good a system is if the courses are bad. Choose what interests you.


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