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What are the best high school movies?

Me and my friends are having a big high school themed party and we want to make a list of best high school movies to watch during the sleepover. Do you have any favorites? They do not have to be all modern. If you have some suggestions among 20 th - century films, I would appreciate it a lot as well. Girl school-based movies would be much welcomed since they are usually the best private schools films. The plan is to watch a bunch of fun movies about high school and have some fun!

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 31, 2018

My list of best highschool movies is dominated by 20 th -century movies, which to the best of my ability still top all charts. In fact, on my list there are only two new movies. American Graffiti of 1973 is one of the most influential teen’s movies of all time. It is funny and nostalgic as it looks into school graduates back in the days of innocence. Risky Business of 1983 comes moves. Juno comes eight, and it was produced in 2007. The 1988 Hairspray movie has dance thrills that may interest any high school student. The Edge of Seventeen of 2016 is one of the films of the 21 st century making it into my top ten. In order of descending are Say Anything of 1989, Hoop Dreams (1994), Rebel Without a Cause (1955), Back to the Future (1985), and The Last Picture Show of 1971. These movies are worth watching.

I cannot miss to include some back to school-based horror movies that will keep you entertained during your party. In fact, during the times of school life, I liked to watch some of these horror movies, and I could not keep off them. Take for instance Suicide Club, a 2002 horror film. Its plot is entirely based on a girlschool depicting times of suicide across the country. Fifty girls willingly jumped in front of a train in a suicide mission. Out of it, a student can develop problem-solving strategy and that not all problems can only be solved through suicide.

‘Old is gold’ is the notion I can quote regarding the movie, Massacre at Central High, entirely set in high school. The fact that it was made back in 1976 does not make it less significant. This is a good movie to watch in the middle of your party. I bet, you will never get bored, even for a single minute. The Craft is just 11 years old having been set in 1996. In my opinion, it is not too old. It depicts four outcast girls at a Catholic school who go into witchcraft. Make sure to watch it at your party—you will definitely like it. All of these movies are not only entertaining but educational as well. You can learn many useful things about high school and really get ready for your new experience.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Hairspray is a perfect movie known for its thrilling dance moves by actors. No doubt in my mind that is a reasonable proposal. Some other amazing movies that come to my mind are Hoop Dreams, Rebel Without a Cause and American Graffiti. They are not all about girls, but they still do an awesome job at depicting the struggles of school life. If you are looking for high school movies of all time, you can never rule out Nightmare on the Elm Street, and Jeepers Creepers. There is no doubt in my mind that the proposed movies will make your party extraordinary. In my opinion, horror movies will also be a great fit, especially those set in private schools.

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