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What are the best free online photography courses with certificates?

I enjoy taking photos and I’d like to make a living out of it. I want to study to be a professional photographer. I have some knowledge about photography but I know that it’s not enough to be a professional. I want to take free online photography courses with certificates because I took distance education courses some years ago and they were great for me. I’d like to repeat the experience but this time in my favorite subject. I just hope it’s among the certifications you can get online free.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Justin Parker on August 27, 2018

Taking photos is an activity that many people are familiar with since their childhood. We usually keep memories of family meetings, birthday parties and other special moments in photographs taken by professionals or even family members or friends that have photography as their hobby.

Photography is a very popular hobby around the world and, for that reason, it is a popular search on online education platforms. You can find different types of photography courses online. Many of them are free, but some others have a cost.

Maybe some of the courses that you took in the past were from Alison. It is an educational platform that provides courses about almost any field of study at all levels. You can find photography lessons there: 

On Alison’s website, you will likely find the free online photography course with certificate that you want. All the courses that are provided by this site are offered for free. However, there is a price associated with the certificate. This means that you can register on the site for free and follow your course (watch all the videos that it includes, download material – if your course has that option, do assignments and take a final exam) also for free.

But, after you complete your course and pass the final exam, if you want a certificate to be mailed to you, you will need to purchase it. You may choose to do it to enhance your career as a professional photographer. There are different prices according to the certificate that you choose: digital (the cheapest one) or framed certificate (the most expensive) and the shipping method.

Having a previous experience with a distance education course will be very useful for you in your next online courses. Some people find it hard to organize their free time and schedule their online studies at home. Since you have already taken online classes, this will not be a problem for you. You can take your lessons as you have done it before, because online photography courses follow the outline of other online courses: short lessons to be completed in usually less than 20 hours.

While there is not a certification you can get online free in this field, you can practice by doing small photography jobs that allow you to save some money to get professional certifications on the different types of photography that you want to be professional in ( ).

Kayla Bowena year ago

I’m interested in those online courses too. I like photography but I haven’t taken a complete course in it yet. I’ve read some books and magazines but every time I’ve wanted to go to a photography class, something has happened and I haven’t been able to go. That wouldn’t happen if I could take an online class at home in my free time. I think that it’d be very nice if there was a photography certification you can get free online because the opportunity to get a verified document would reach more people and it would help them get a formal job more easily, though I think that most photographers work freelance and that’s great because they don’t have to stick to a single type of images but can tackle different areas. Cameras can be quite expensive but I think that free certifications would attract more people to study photography. 

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