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What are the best free online computer courses?

Is it possible to undertake a computer course free of charge over the internet? Are the free online computer courses as good as the computer courses taught in ordinary computer colleges? Will I get a certificate of merit once I finish studying? Will there be a one on one relationship between the online tutor and me or will I be dealing with a robot? Can I indicate in an application letter that I underwent a computer training course through an online training center? How long do online distance learning courses take? Do the online training centers offer all the computer packages or it is just a selected few?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on March 1, 2018

A computer is almost like a basic necessity in the life of every individual living in this digital era. Everything including government services is being offered online and to avoid over-reliance on others, there is need to be conversant with a computer. That is why online distant educational classes are really important.

The following are some of the free online distance courses that are offered

  • Program Design: This course teaches one how to begin computer programming. The course will be taught in your preferred language and at the end you will be able to know how the program works, how to make a model and development of a test data.
  • Data structures: Here you learn the principles of programming and methods. You will be taught how to use java in data structures which include queues, hash tables, trees and array strings.
  • Structure of computer programs: here one learns ways of using abstraction. Subtopics covered are controlling interactions, compound data, machine model and also embedded languages.
  • Introduction to computer science and programming: this teaches about concepts of programming, techniques and methods.
  • A gentle introduction to programming using python: here one is taught how to organize and arrange programs, and also shows how to code python and touches its grammar too.
  • Introduction to programming using java: This is for those who are beginning to do programming and for those who want to refresh their skills.
  • Introduction to software engineering in Java: it deals with software engineering using java. By the end of this course, one is able to draft good quality applications.
  • Introduction to Algorithms: one learns to solve mathematical problems using a computer.

There are also training programs on software application like Microsoft office and also FrontPage training.

Certification preparation training courses offered by online teaching centers includes Exam training certification, exam study guide certification and demo and free sample training courses.

The advantages of free online computer lessons include:

  • You will choose what you want to learn without being compelled to follow a particular path.
  • The classes are taken at the comfort of your home and one does not have to incur travel expenses going to college.
  • One is able to set his own pace according to the time at his disposal.
  • These online computer courses are free so no expenditure incurred in gaining the knowledge. One only needs a computer, a table and a chair.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

There is no excuse why someone would be staying at home claiming he does not have money to go to college. Everything about computers is being taught over the internet free of charge and some of these free online computer courses are commercial in nature. You learn how to program a computer free of charge and you get to do that job for somebody and charge good money. It is very possible to have a source of livelihood through these online distance learning courses if you use the knowledge acquired well. I am a product of this course; I trained and started off at my college to program the laptops of my classmates for free at the beginning. Once I gained enough experience I went commercial and now I charge good money. It is possible to learn and understand well through an online course.

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