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What are the benefits of taking studies in Canadian universities?

I read a blog on Canadian universities and the quality of education they offer to students. The author is a beneficiary of the international student exchange program. It has raised many questions in my mind which even research has not answered. I humbly request anyone with information on a Canada university or the exchange program to explain how both projects work. I have a passion for economics studies abroad, and universities in Canada sound like an excellent destination for me. This information will help me decide on whether to go for an international program in Canada or opt for a local college. Thank you in advance.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on July 16, 2018

There are many reasons why a Canadian university is an excellent choice for someone to obtain a degree. Of course, there are many other countries that have opened doors to international students. However, universities in Canada stand out amongst most of the universities across the world. I will start by explaining how to qualify before I explain any benefits of such a venture. To qualify to join a university, you will have to apply, get a scholarship from a renowned sponsor and lastly, you can be a beneficiary of an exchange program. It is important to note that to qualify for the exchange facilities you have to get assistance from the National Student Exchange coordinator in your country.

Among the reasons why the universities stand out amongst the students is the fact that they are open to the world. The openness of their institutions assures students that many other students all over the globe are taking advantage of the open position. This vacancy increases the number of both international and domestic students making it a better choice. Most of the international student-exchange programs place students in the colleges for this diversity reason. The campuses support people from different social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds and thus can help students from different countries interact. This interaction increases the cross-cultural understanding between students.

Secondly, affordability is a concern for students seeking studies abroad. The policies in the institutions have allowed the costs of the program remain affordable. This advantage captivates students who are keen on ensuring that their budget remains affordable.

I am sure that the next advantage of studying in Canada will interest you. Canadian students can get to live in the host nation after graduating. Most international students after graduating have to go back to their home country and seek job positions there. However, in Canada things are great. The Canadian authorities in collaboration with the university administration allow international students to get internships, work during their holidays and after their graduations. Some of the students eventually become permanent residents of Canada.

Lastly, the universities give personalized assistance as compared to other facilities elsewhere. The institutions facilitate the students in settling and transiting from their homes into the institution with the help of student advisors, language support, social club programs as well as other good plan societies which help them to settle down and be part of the university family. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Most international students work and school at the same time in a bid to pay for the education program. Juggling between work and studies sounds easy, but it is very hard. You might end up being unable to balance as both activities demand your total participation. This situation could lead you to problems while you are in the international environment. Most students, when faced with this situation, end up borrowing, and some begin depression-related behaviors.

Another con of studying and working while in Canadian universities is stress. The increase in the levels of stress is contributed to by some facts such as fear of the unknown while in a foreign environment, the large number of assignments and coursework to catch up on. The increased level of stress is unhealthy for an individual as it could lead to the development of diseases such as hypertension and ulcers. Most students who find themselves in such situation lose focus on their studies while others resolve into quitting school or into miss-fit type of habits.  

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