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What are the benefits of online continuing education?

I am very sceptical about online continuing education. I think students do not get the best quality of education when they are studying online. The reason I say this is because most educational websites for adults are not accredited. This means that most people do not even end up using their education because their certificates are not valid or recognized. It gets even worse when someone takes free continuing education courses. Since they are offered for free, there are very limited resources made available to students. Am I wrong? Are there any advantages of getting continuing studies online?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on March 5, 2018

The concept of continuing education online is very new. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are sceptical about it. You are correct. There are a number of institutions that are not accredited that offer online programs. However, there are a good number of institutions that are accredited and offer a top notch education. A good example is Harvard online classes. They have online classes that are very popular and their students do very well. Therefore, the quality of education you get online is solely dependent on the school you choose to go to. It is also not true that free education continuing courses have limited resources. It only seems like that because online students do not get the opportunity to use all the resources that students on-campus get to use.

There are plenty of benefits one gets from studying online. These include:

  • You can learn anything you want: There are no limits to what you can learn online. You can take any course you want even if you do not plan to use it in your future career prospects. All you have to do is select a suitable online course and begin taking the classes.
  • It can be done anywhere: You can attend online classes from any place you wish. It can be in your room at a coffee shop or anywhere else you feel comfortable. In addition to this, you do not have to relocate.
  • It makes you look good: Having an online course listed in your resume will give you a lot of advantage. The employer will view you as a person who is eager to learn and looks for opportunities to improve his or her skills.
  • Self-paced learning: Most educational adult websites give students the option of self-paced learning. This simply means you get to set your own hours and decide when to attend your classes. This is perfect especially for individuals who have to work and attend classes at the same time.
  • Cheaper: You also get to save a lot of money by taking online classes. Since you will be living in your own home and take the classes from the comfort of your, you will not have to incur any housing or transportation costs. In fact, you will not incur any costs apart from tuition and maybe internet fees to take the classes.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to take online classes.

Larry Warren2 years ago

Online continuing education is very convenient. You get to attend classes whenever you wish, you do not incur too many costs and you never get to interact with many people which might be a good thing if you are an introvert. However, I believe the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. If you decide to take online courses, you risk getting a very low quality education. This is because most of the high quality education programs that matter like sciences that are offered by institutions like Harvard are quite expensive. If you do not have the money, you might just have to settle for a less than stellar program. Also, if you are not disciplined you might never make a full commitment to your classes which makes the program a waste of time. Lastly, you always have to have internet access to do online classes. If your computer crashes or for some reason, you no longer have access to the internet, you cannot attend your classes. You will not face all these challenges at a brick and mortar school.

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