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What are the benefits of going to study in Australia?

Going abroad has been on my mind for a long time. Currently, I’d like to study in Australia. This beautiful country is in mind all the time. I wonder how beautiful it is. Though we speak the same language, our cultures are different. In general, I don’t see any obstacles on my way. However, Australia student visa requirements are not completely clear to me. Do you anything useful on the matter? What is Australia student visa fee? Is it hard to get one? Can you easily renew student visa? I also wonder about the time you need to complete the process.

Curtis Rhodes

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2 answers

2 answers

Bella Cameron on August 23, 2019

Here is complete information about Australian Study visa, hope it will be useful to you.

Victoria Fowler on April 19, 2018

Well, studying in Australia has been a dream of mine some time ago as well. I began researching the issue when I was 15. Naturally, I had a lot of time to learn many aspects of Australian education. I must admit, sunny beaches, kangaroos, and surfing have been a part of my dream; probably the largest part. As I later learned, this country has great educational potential in addition to its other beauties.

As it turns out, Australia is the third most popular destination for international students. Its universities have great ranks among other leading establishments of the world. Student campuses are greatly praised as well. Among all other studying in Australia benefits, the financial side is the most important one. Annually, its government invests about 200 million dollars in international scholarships. So, you have great chances to get financial aid that will help you finish a university without acquiring debts. I wouldn’t say that it’s hard to get a scholarship if you require aid or have excellent achievements.

Unfortunately, I know little about renewing a student visa. The whole process of getting one depends on the country you are from. Australia has different policies for various countries. If you are from the USA or the United Kingdom, you are lucky to get lenient conditions.

Basically, there are six types of student visas. You should choose the type that suits your purpose. There is an ELICOS visa that you get if you take courses without a degree, mainly to take an intensive language course. Aim for VET visa if you are going to receive a vocational degree.

To get a higher education student visa in Australia, you have to aim an academic field. Follow the academic levels from 5 to 9 of Australian qualification.

There are also visas for those who pursue post-graduate degrees and for those sponsored by AusAID.

Australian student visa requirements are connected with the assessment levels that are based on your country, a field of study, a university you are applying to, and the level of education. The higher levels bring more requirements. If you want to study in Australia with scholarship, there are even more issues to take care of.

As for Australia student visa fees, I’m not knowledgeable about the current situation. They may greatly change any moment. So, I advise you to visit the Department of Immigration page here:

Wilson Hansena year ago

You have made a great choice! Study in Australia benefits are countless. Universities here are highly rated and have strong credentials. This is a huge country that has many things to impress you. Mind that you will not meet a kangaroo hopping by on your walk to university. However, those sunny beaches and a deep azure ocean you are dreaming about are true. Of course, you have to select the establishment carefully. Depending on the place you go to, you will see various sceneries and experience different parts of our culture.

When you come to study in Australia, you have to be prepared to see a picture that differs from all those stereotypes. My best advice for you is to get acquainted with the culture beforehand. In addition, research our education system. Here is a great article on what you need to know before going to Australia:

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