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What are the benefits of enrolling in a continued education program?

Several years back I was half way through my undergraduate program when I landed a job. I dropped out of school to work full time because I could not juggle the two and there were no distance learning universities then. My work mate recently enrolled as a continued education student and is encouraging me to do the same. I am in the dark on these matters and I need help on where and how I can access online distance education. I also need to know why I should be motivated to pursue adult education courses.

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 18, 2018

Thanks to technology there are many university offering distance learning courses to students. You therefore are not required to be on campus to attend classes. You also have the upper hand to schedule your classes to a time that suits you best. All lectures, tasks, assignments and tests are provided online for registered online students. In case you are also in need of a hybrid learning system you can apply for some courses on campus while others online. You can now return to school at ease without any pressure while still committed to other projects. You can get self-study courses and also have direct contact with your tutor or instructor at all times in case of any inquiries. Just like a traditional school system you have a chance to form educational groups of discussions with other students using online community platforms.

However, as I write this I am currently a student continuing my education with an accredited college online. I know nothing is more exciting than securing a job even before you complete school however with the economic change and high competition in work places for positions it is safer if you finish your undergraduate program. You can easily sign up for courses online and undertake them while still working. There are so many reasons to enroll in education courses for adults and below are some:

  • Improving your education level improves on your chances to get a promotion at work. Some jobs require a certain level of education and you can easily qualify if you undertake online courses. With better job opportunities you have a chance to get increment in your salary too.
  • As you further your education you are assured of acquiring more skills and knowledge that could benefit your career.
  • By going back to school you have a chance to pursue any career of your choice not necessarily one in your professional field. If you have other interest you would like to pursue you can enroll in an online school and pursue your education at a distance.
  • The higher your education status the higher is your marketability in your professional job market. You will not only increase your value in the company you work but also other companies will be eager to work with you.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

Throughout my studies I had a smooth experience since the system
was sophisticated to cater for my demanding work schedule and I would highly recommend you to pursue online studies education because:

  • It has a highly flexible schedule that enables you to attend school even on a part time basis if you are engaged elsewhere. You can also have full access to course work and revision material on the website at any time.
  • Compared to the traditional education school system online studies are much more affordable. It will not only save you time but also travel expenses of back and forth movement to the campus.
  • As a student you will also receive direct attention from your tutor who is ready to help you with any educational inquiry. Using the telephone, email and internet you can access your instructor at any time

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